Amanda Zamora

Senior Engagement Editor

Amanda Zamora was a senior engagement editor at ProPublica. Previously, she spent more than eight years as a digital producer and editor at The Washington Post, leading the site's election coverage as national digital editor in 2012. She led digital coverage on the metro, foreign and investigative desks before serving as the Post's first social media and engagement editor from 2010 â 2011. Zamora began her journalism career at the Austin American-Statesman as an editorial aide and reporter. In 2009, she helped launch the Huffington Post Investigative Fund, a nonprofit news site based in Washington, D.C. She is also a previous Knight Digital Media Fellow with the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism.

Ask Peter Sleeth Anything about Missing Iraq, Afghanistan Field Records (Reddit Chat)

Over the last decade, the U.S. military has destroyed or failed to keep millions of field records from Iraq and Afghanistan. Join reporter Peter Sleeth for a discussion on the missing documents.

Meet the 10 People Leading ProPublica’s Free the Files Effort

All told, 880 people have helped review at least one file as part of our Free the Files initiative. But 10 people led the pack, collectively reviewing half of all the files reviewed.

Have You Experienced Housing Discrimination? Share Your Story

Under the Fair Housing Act of 1968, the federal government was mandated to "affirmatively further" fair housing. Yet after more than four decades, residential segregation has remained virtually unchanged in many large cities. We want to hear from people who have experienced or know of housing discrimination.

Free the Files Tracks $294 Million in TV Ads, With Obama Topping Buyer List

In just two weeks, volunteers for our Free the Files project have liberated information on $294 million in political ad buys.

Free the Files Frequently Asked Questions

Free the Files is a new ProPublica news application tracking political ad filings from television stations in swing markets. Our goal is to increase transparency around these filings by sorting and annotating them with key data, making it easier to identify the groups buying these political ads.

Free the Files Teams Up with Huffington Post to Unlock Political Ads in Swing States

In our ever-expanding quest to Free the Files, ProPublica is teaming up with Huffington Post in Denver, Detroit, Miami and Washington, D.C. to unlock campaign spending.

Free the Files Volunteers Unlock $160 Million in Ad Buys in First Week

In the seven days since werebooted Free The Files, nearly 350 people have “freed” a political ad contract from the Federal Communications Commission database, unlocking more than $160 million in ad spending by 325 groups in more than 30 swing markets.

Free the Files: Help ProPublica Unlock Political Ad Spending

Outside groups are spending millions of dollars hoping to influence political campaigns – but they're hard to track down. Detailed information about spending is locked in documents filed at TV stations across the country. Help us uncover this spending by reviewing documents.

Search Political Ad Files from the FCC

Happy Labor Day. Here's the Best Reporting on Worker Safety

A roundup of the best accountability journalism on dismal workplaces in the U.S.

When Is It Acceptable to Profit From Death? Readers Weigh In

The story of Joseph Caramadre – a wealthy Rhode Island attorney and philanthropist – pushes the boundaries of how much we are willing to put a price on death.

Ask Kim Barker Anything About Campaign Finance (a Reddit Chat)

ProPublica reporter Kim Barker will be your guide to all things campaign finance this Thursday on Reddit from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Political or Not? You Be the Judge

Campaign Ads and the 2012 Election: Join Our Google Plus Chat

How exactly do campaigns define and track voters? How much do they really know about us? And what privacy issues does it raise? Join us for a live discussion of campaign ads in the 2012 election this Friday on Google Plus.

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