Brooke Stephenson

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We Reported on a County That Has Jailed Kids for a Crime That Doesn’t Exist. Readers Reacted.

Significantly more children were sent to jail in Rutherford County than any other county in Tennessee. Almost nothing happened to the adults in charge. Here’s how some readers responded.

Reporting on Climate Injustice in One of the Hottest Towns in America

What does climate injustice look like? A town where farmworkers struggle for access to clean drinking water and comfortable places to sleep while their wealthy neighbors water their lawns generously and park in climate-controlled garages.

How a ProPublica Reporter Learned Scammers’ Secret Sauce

When reporter Cezary Podkul began investigating how unemployment insurance fraud exploded during the pandemic, he discovered an international web of scammers, stolen identities and “sauce.”

The Women on the Other End of the Phone

Women make up an overwhelming majority of the customer service workers in the U.S. who work for low pay and zero benefits. Why are these jobs so gendered? And how can we be better customers for the women who work them?

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