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Cora Currier was a reporting fellow at ProPublica and previously on the editorial staff of the New Yorker. She has written for the New Yorkerâs website, The European, Letâs Go guides, and other publications. During the 2008 presidential election, she covered the youth vote for The Nation. She has also worked as a researcher for several books on history and politics. Cora graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Social Studies.

Washington’s War on Leaks, Explained

Laying out new efforts by the Senate and the Pentagon to crack down on national security leaks.

In Honor of the Olympics, the Best Investigative Reporting on Sports

From hockey to horse racing, steroids to Sandusky, we’ve rounded up some great sports reporting.

HSBC’s Money Laundering Lapses, By the Numbers

A Senate investigation cited HSBC for failing to have adequate controls to prevent money-laundering. We break down their findings.

The Magnetar Fallout: Who’s Been Charged, Has Settled, or is Now Being Investigated?

A rundown of the various investigations into the deals spawned by the hedge fund Magnetar that helped super charge the financial meltdown.

Classified in Gitmo Trials: Detainees’ Every Word

The government argues detainees were “exposed” to classified information during their detention.

The Best Reporting on Detention and Rendition Under Obama

Obama pledged more oversight of rendition and detention of terror suspects. We round up the best reporting on what's known about the programs.

Beyond Barclays: Laying out the Libor Investigations

Charting the revelations about big banks’ manipulation of international interest rates.

Classified Confusion: What Leaks Are Being Investigated, and What’s the Law on Leaks?

Despite the furious back-and-forth between the White House and Republican lawmakers over national security leaks, the prosecution of leaks isn’t a simple matter.

Land of the Free: the Best Investigative Reporting on U.S. Prisons

We highlight some of the most revealing journalism on the U.S. prison system.

The Best, Most Revealing Reporting on Our Healthcare System

Our roundup of standout reporting on health care in the U.S. and the struggle to fix it.

Drone Documents: Why The Government Won't Release Them

The government has rebuffed attempts by the American Civil Liberties Union and The New York Times to obtain documents related to drone strikes and targeted killing. We lay out their argument.

The Facts Behind Obama’s Executive Privilege Claim

President Obama has invoked executive privilege to keep documents from Congress about botched Operation Fast and Furious. Just what is executive privilege, and what might happen next?

JPMorgan's Connections to the House Finance Committee

As CEO Jamie Dimon testifies today, we lay out JPMorgan's ties to the committee — and just who is investigating the bank's big losses.

Interactive: How Obama Drone Death Claims Stack Up

Obama administration assertions about the number of civilians killed by U.S. drone strikes have varied widely. We charted every claim we could find.

Charting the Cozy Connections between JP Morgan and the Senate Banking Committee

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, testified today about the bank’s recent losses. He should be familiar with the committee. Lots of his employees worked for it.

Bill Introduced to Reform Workers' Comp for Military Contractors

A proposed update to the Defense Base Act would provide a federal program for workers' compensation for military contractors killed or injured on the job.

How Bank of America Execs Hid Losses -- In Their Own Words

A suit reveals how Bank of America knew about big losses at Merrill Lynch before the companies merged but didn't tell shareholders.

The Best Watchdog Journalism on Obama’s National Security Policies

We rounded up some of the best, scoopy pieces of accountability journalism on Obama’s national security policies.

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