Hannah Dreyfus

Abrams Reporting Fellow

Hannah Dreyfus is an Abrams Reporting Fellow at ProPublica, where she covers sexual abuse, religion and socio-political issues affecting women and children.

Previously, she reported on abuses of power in religious, academic and philanthropic settings. In 2019, Dreyfus was recognized as a Writer of the Year by the New York Press Association for her investigative work into sexual harassment and assault in Jewish non-for-profit organizations. In March of that year, she partnered with ProPublica and the New York Times on an investigation into billionaire and philanthropic titan Michael Steinhardt for decades of alleged harassment towards women beholden to him for funding or jobs. In June, Dreyfus was awarded First Place in Healthcare Reporting by the American Jewish Press Association for a 2020 investigation into Orthodox Jewish healthcare workers fighting a tide of COVID-noncompliance within their communities.

Dreyfus received a BA in English Literature from Yeshiva University in 2014, after which she reported for the New York Jewish Week. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Mother Jones, Politico, Slate and elsewhere.

Dreyfus is based in Phoenix.

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