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Find Homes With Tainted Drywall

When the Consumer Products Safety Commission provided data in October, the agency said it had received fewer than 3,500 reports of tainted drywall. ProPublica and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune compiled a list of addresses from county property appraiser data and records in consolidated lawsuits filed in New Orleans federal court and found nearly twice that number: around 6,900 homes.

Methodology: Chinese Drywall

Is your member of Congress a New Democrat?

The Rainbow Connection: How We Made Our CDO Connections Graphic

On Wednesday, we launched an interactive news application to help readers understand the cross-owned nature of Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO) in 2006-2007. Here's how we did it.

CDOs’ Interlocking Ownership

See which CDOs exchanged pieces with other CDOs through our interactive feature that reveals the incestuous nature of Wall Street’s CDO business.

Interactive: CDOs’ Interlocking Ownership

Pixel Ping: A node.js Stats Tracker

Photo of the Day: Roadside Seafood

Why You Should Check Out the Health Care Bills Side by Side

ProPublica offers a side-by-side comparison of the Senate health care bill and the one likely to go before the House this weekend, highlighting the changes the House proposes to make.

Side By Side: Health Care Bill

Compare the Senate version of the 2010 Health Care overhaul bill with the final bill.

Stimulus Speed Chart

Just how fast are federal agencies getting stimulus money out the door?

Unemployment Insurance Tracker

Tracking how long state unemployment insurance trust funds will hold up.

Video Skimmer: Ron Boline

Use our video skimmer tool to navigate through the testimony of Ronald Boline, on private contractors in Iraq.

Stimulus Progress Bar

How fast and where is stimulus money being spent?

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