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Lena V. Groeger is the deputy editor, news apps, at ProPublica, where she makes interactive graphics and writes about design’s real-world consequences. She is on the board of the Society for News Design and has taught classes on design and data visualization at NYU, The New School and CUNY. Before joining ProPublica in 2011, Groeger covered health and science at Scientific American and Wired magazine. She is particularly excited about the intersection of cognitive science and design, as well as telling stories with real-world impact.

Interactive: How Obama Drone Death Claims Stack Up

Obama administration assertions about the number of civilians killed by U.S. drone strikes have varied widely. We charted every claim we could find.

How a Map That Wasn't a Map Became a Map

Why and how we mapped state money for homeowners.

Where Are the Foreclosure Deal Millions Going in Your State?

We contacted every state to see how they are spending the money they received from the foreclosure settlement. Here’s the most comprehensive breakdown available anywhere.

Murdoch's Circle: The Growing News International Scandal

From phone hacking to bribery, the corruption at News International has involved many players -- increasingly, ones close to Rupert Murdoch. We’ve mapped out the players involved in this growing debacle, organized by their proximity to Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and other senior staff.

Timeline: How Obama Compares to Bush on Torture, Surveillance and Detention

As the terrain and debate around national security shifts, we took a look back at some of the most controversial elements of George W. Bush’s national security policy, to see how much has changed under Obama – and how much has stayed the same.

40 Acres and a Rule: Draft Federal Fracking Regs Cover Only A Sliver of Land

The Obama administration’s newly proposed fracking rules contain some strong measures but apply to only a fraction of the country

How Does the FDA Monitor Your Medical Implants? It Doesn’t, Really

From eroding surgical mesh to rusting artificial hips, the past decade has seen many medical devices malfunction. But the FDA doesn't have a standardized national system to track and catch problems.

Four Medical Implants That Escaped FDA Scrutiny

The EPA’s First Fracking Rules — Limited and Delayed

The nation’s first ever standards for fracking, which apply to air pollution and not groundwater, won’t take full effect until 2015.

And You Thought It Was Just 'Pink' Slime

A History of FDA Inaction on Animal Antibiotics

Afghan Soldier Likely Took a Brain Test Riddled with Problems

Critics say the test Robert Bales likely took before deployment fails to screen for the invisible wounds of war.

Senate Bill Could Roll Back Consumers’ Health Insurance Savings

A recently introduced Senate bill could limit rebates insurers are slated to pay to consumers.

Some Thoughts on Timelines

Three different approaches to presenting stories over time.

What the Frack is in That Water?

What the Frack is in That Water?

Environmentalists have repeatedly pressed regulators to compel oil and gas companies to report what chemicals they use in the drilling and fracking process. No one knows the exact makeup of the frack mixture or drilling muds, but this list breaks down the main ingredients revealed so far.

Taking Stock of the Stock Act: A Side-by-Side Comparison

The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, or Stock Act, recently passed in both chambers of Congress. We break down the main differences between the House and Senate versions, with a real-life scenarios that illustrate activities the bill targets.

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