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Marian Wang was a reporter for ProPublica, covering education and college debt. She joined ProPublica in 2010, first blogging about a variety of accountability issues. Her later stories focused on how rising college costs and the complexity of the student loan system affect students and their families. Prior to coming to ProPublica, she worked at Mother Jones magazine in San Francisco and freelanced for a number of Chicago-based publications, including The Chicago Reporter, an investigative magazine focused on issues of race and poverty.

Investigations You Need to Read: Thursday

Report: Fixing FBI's Computer System Will Cost More, Take Longer

The Office of the Inspector General expressed "serious concerns" about the progress of the FBI's project to overhaul its archaic computer system. It reported that the project would take at least nine months longer--and cost at least $26 million more--than originally planned.

SEC to Banks: Who Else Used Repo 105?

The SEC has asked about 20 financial firms whether they used the Repo 105, the off-the-balance-sheet accounting method that Lehman Brothers used. And if they did, the SEC wants to know the business justification for using them.

Investigations You Need to Read: Wednesday

Tracking the Papal Paper Trail on Sex Abuse

Investigations You Need to Read: Tuesday

Data Show Bank Regulator Goes Easy on Enforcement

A report on the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency shows that the agency rarely takes formal enforcement action against banks. Its director is a former bank lobbyist.

Investigations You Need to Read: Monday

Investigations You Need to Read: Friday

State Department's Solution: Hire New Contractors to Oversee Naughty Contractor

After a scandal involving embassy guards in Kabul, the U.S. announced that it would not renew their company's contract. Now the State Department will hire other contractors to oversee them until they leave.

Investigations You Need to Read: Thursday

Q&A: A Reporter's Insight Into the International Clergy Abuse Flare-Up

The Catholic sex abuse scandal has now touched even the archdiocese once led by Pope Benedict XVI. For perspective on the events unfolding in Europe, ProPublica talked to Walter Robinson, a journalist who dealt with the same story in Boston.

Investigations You Need to Read: Wednesday

Investigations You Need to Read: Tuesday

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