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Marian Wang was a reporter for ProPublica, covering education and college debt. She joined ProPublica in 2010, first blogging about a variety of accountability issues. Her later stories focused on how rising college costs and the complexity of the student loan system affect students and their families. Prior to coming to ProPublica, she worked at Mother Jones magazine in San Francisco and freelanced for a number of Chicago-based publications, including The Chicago Reporter, an investigative magazine focused on issues of race and poverty.

Do Regulations Really Kill Jobs Overall? Not So Much

Experts say regulations kill some jobs but also create others and that mostly it’s a wash.

Key Context on Obama’s Vague Proposed Millionaires’ Tax

We run through what’s actually known about the so-called 'Buffett Tax,' the impact it might have on the deficit and the history behind it all.

SEC Investigating Yet Another Magnetar CDO

What’s Happening With That Solar Company Scandal? Here’s Our Guide on Solyndra.

The bankruptcy of solar firm Solyndra has raised concerns that the Obama administration shouldn’t have loaned the company money via a stimulus program. We break it all down.

Financial Regulation Kills Jobs? Perhaps Not

The Best, Most Damning Reporting of the 9/11 Era

Our list of the most seminal stories of the years after Sept. 11, the ones that reveal the reality about the attacks, the attackers and how our government changed in the post-9/11 era.

Our Guide to the Best Coverage on President Obama and the Economy

In our first candidate guide on President Obama, we examine his record on the economy and cite some of the best reading on how his initiatives to create jobs, help homeowners and shore up the financial system have fared thus far.

2012 Presidential Campaign Reading Guides

Our Guide to the Best Coverage on Rep. Michele Bachmann and Her Record

A rundown of the stories you need to read about Rep. Michele Bachmann. She has held the title of Tea Party favorite thus far in the campaign, but what about her actual record?

FAQ: Key Questions on Libya’s Coming Transition

We're laying out important questions about what's happening in Libya, and we want you to play a part.

Despite $65 Billion Investment, World’s Most Costly Jet Still Grounded

Funding for buying new F-22s has already been cut off, but problems with the jets are keeping them on the sidelines.

Read the Embarrassing Hacking Allegations That News Corp. Redacted

New documents published today cast doubt on News Corporation's claims that top executives and editors at the now-defunct News of the World were unaware of widespread phone hacking at the paper.

What Does the S&P Downgrade Mean, If France Is Rated Higher Than the U.S.?

The decision by credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s to downgrade the United States raises important questions about the reliability of credit ratings and the firms that bestow them.

While on Summer Recess, Congress Blocks Recess Appointments

Even though hordes of lawmakers have left D.C., neither chamber of Congress officially adjourned.

FAQ: Why Congress Flew Home While Airport Inspectors Work Without Pay

Largely overshadowed by the debt debate, congressional deadlock has forced parts of the Federal Aviation Administration to shut down—halting construction, furloughing workers and costing millions.

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