Marian Wang


Marian Wang was a reporter for ProPublica, covering education and college debt. She joined ProPublica in 2010, first blogging about a variety of accountability issues. Her later stories focused on how rising college costs and the complexity of the student loan system affect students and their families. Prior to coming to ProPublica, she worked at Mother Jones magazine in San Francisco and freelanced for a number of Chicago-based publications, including The Chicago Reporter, an investigative magazine focused on issues of race and poverty.

Whatever Happened to the War Powers Act Controversy?

Last month's biggest controversy was never resolved—it was tabled as lawmakers moved on to the next big fight.

Could James Murdoch Be Punished If He Lied Before Parliament?

If Rupert Murdoch's son is found to have misled Parliament, punishment is possible in theory, but uncommon in practice.

In An Unusual Criminal Case, the U.S. Points the Finger at Pakistan's Top Spy Agency Again

In an indictment unsealed Tuesday, the FBI accused two men of funneling millions of dollars from the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, or ISI, into political campaign donations and other activities meant to influence American policy on Kashmir.

Explaining the Latest on the Debt-Ceiling Drama

Super-PACs and Dark Money: ProPublica’s Guide to the New World of Campaign Finance

As the nation gets ready for more record-breaking election spending, here's a closer look at the secretive groups working hard to influence the outcome.

Spinal Product Controversy Raises Red Flags on Medical Journals' Disclosure Policies

Medical journals have long had to wrestle with the possibility that financial bias influences the work they publish, but if the growing controversy over Medtronic’s Infuse spinal product is any indication, they may not be doing enough.

SEC Loosening of Rule Let Natural Gas Firms Recalculate Reserves, Potential Profits

Despite concerns that natural gas companies might exaggerate their reserve estimates, the SEC relaxed restrictions on how companies calculate their untapped reserves, according to the New York Times.

Journalist’s Story Highlights Patchwork of Immigration Laws

A closer look at one undocumented immigrant's path through the nation's immigration system highlights a hodgepodge of state immigration laws.

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