Minhee Cho

Director of Public Relations

Photo of Minhee Cho

Minhee Cho was ProPublica’s director of public relations. Since joining the staff in 2011 as ProPublica’s first communications manager, she helped drive the strategic promotion of our investigations through key partnerships, media appearances, newsletters and events.

Within her first year at ProPublica, Minhee helped conceptualize and launch our inaugural public event, “Longform Storytelling in a Short-Attention Span World,” featuring This American Life’s Ira Glass and The New Yorker’s David Remnick. She also coordinated ProPublica’s largest reporting partnership to date for our Dollars for Docs series, with over 30 news outlets simultaneously publishing localized stories based off of our reporting.

When she’s not handling external communications and media relations for ProPublica, Minhee serves as a volunteer coordinator for The Relief Bus, a nonprofit geared towards helping the growing homeless population in the greater New York City area.

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