Where Do “Good” Software Practices Fit Into News Applications

When building news apps, good software practices don't go out the window; but something else becomes more important — the content and the story.

Note to Staff: Send. Forward. Oops.

For Assisted Living Industry, a Media Strategy to Thwart Federal Oversight

In a talking points memo, Emeritus, the country's largest assisted living company, seeks to highlight the company's compassion and deride any need for greater regulation out of Washington.

Army Says War Records Gap Is Real, Launches Recovery Effort

Army Secretary John McHugh confirms to members of Congress that commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan failed to keep required field records: “Steps are being taken to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

A Prolonged Stay: The Reasons Behind the Slow Pace of Executions

Opponents of the death penalty have hit upon an effective tactic: Learn who is making the lethal drugs used in executions and publicly shame them. Now, death penalty states are fighting to make the names of the drugs a state secret.

Congressmen to Hagel: Where Are the Missing War Records?

Unsatisfied with answers so far, leaders of the House veterans’ panel ask defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to explain why Army units can’t find field records from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Your Hospital May Be Hazardous To Your Health

As part of our ongoing investigation into patient safety, ProPublica reporters Marshall Allen and Olga Pierce produced this interactive story in collaboration with PBS Frontline and Ocupop during a May 11-16 hackathon.

FAQ: What You Need to Know About Prescriber Checkup

Frequently asked questions about our Prescriber Checkup news application.

Tracking State Bills Takes a Village: The Legislature Tracker Gets Launched in N.Y.

The MinnPost's open source Legislature Project makes it easy for newsrooms and individuals to identify and keep track of bills. Welcome, New York edition.

Reversal of Fortune: A Prosecutor on Trial

In the world of abusive prosecutors – where evidence can be withheld or invented in the name of winning convictions and without fear of punishment – Ken Anderson stands out: Anderson, a Texas prosecutor who abused his authority to help send an innocent man to prison for decades, now faces 10 years behind bars for his misconduct.

FDA Approved New Drug Despite Ongoing Investigation of Lab Misconduct

We’ve reported that the FDA has allowed drugs to stay on the market despite the fact that the research underpinning their safety and efficacy was tainted by fraud. New information shows that even after the FDA had cited the lab for falsifying data, the agency issued at least one brand new approval to a drug tested there.

A Reading Guide to What's Going on in Boston

As the hunt for suspects in the Boston bombings continues, we’ve pulled together some of the best reporting so far and who to follow for breaking news.

Double Dose: In Second Case of Flawed Drug Research, FDA Response Was Slow and Secretive

This week ProPublica reported that the Food and Drug Administration found "egregious" research violations at a major laboratory but didn't pull any affected drugs from the market and, years later, hasn't finished its review. Turns out that wasn't an anomaly.

FDA Let Drugs Approved on Fraudulent Research Stay on the Market

In 2010, the FDA uncovered violations it later called "egregious" and "pervasive" at a major pharmaceutical testing lab. But even though the agency no longer knew for sure that drugs tested at the lab were safe, it allowed them to remain on pharmacy shelves with no new testing — in some cases until now. And the FDA won’t name the drugs.

No Substitute: When a Generic Drug Isn't What it Seems

Generic medications are generally safe and effective, because the Food and Drug Administration requests tests to prove they're equivalent to the name-brand originals. But here's a case where something went wrong.

Five Drugs the FDA Doesn't Want You to Know Relied on Tainted Data

ProPublica was able to pinpoint five drugs whose approval rested, at least in part, upon data from a now defunct firm with "egregious" research violations

A MuckReads Guide to North Korea

As tensions simmer over North Korea’s latest nuclear threats, we take a look at some of the best reading on Kim Jong Un, the prospects for a nuclear conflict and life in the DPRK.

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