Transcript: Investigating Child Death Cases

Three Years and Counting

Photos: The Doctor Will See Them Now

PR Industry Fills Vacuum Left by Shrinking Newsrooms

The shrinking ranks of print and broadcast reporters, along with the advent of the Internet, has handed the PR industry a historic advantage in shaping the news. Even original reporting bears the fingerprints of industry and government spinmeisters.

Dialysis: The Story So Far

Tracking #OpenGov Legislative Efforts

ProPublica is Hiring

Wait! That Image Looks Familiar

Our hydraulic fracturing graphic makes an appearance in released documents.

Natural Gas Drilling Debate Heats Up: Read Our Guide

The possible dangers of gas drilling, including the process known as hydraulic fracturing, are drawing more attention from the media as gas drilling expands across the United States. Here’s a quick breakdown of the key issues, drawn from ProPublica’s reporting.

California County Opens Review Into Autopsies by Doctor With Checkered Past

Our investigation describing the troubled career of forensic pathologist Thomas Gill prompts officials in Northern California to re-examine his work in more than two dozen homicide cases.

Without Competition, Private Firm Reaps Millions in Autopsy Work

Forensic Medical Group finds an unusual niche in Northern California, building a practice that has little overhead and more than a dozen counties as customers.

Autopsy Firm's High Caseloads, Practices Lead to Errors

Forensic Medical Group has become a key cog in Northern California justice system, handling death investigations for more than a dozen counties.

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