FDA Responds to ProPublica Story on X-Ray Body Scanners

Editor’s Note: This week, the Food and Drug Administration sent us a letter, which we have posted below, taking issue with several passages in our story about airport body scanners. The letter generally takes semantic issue with how we presented specific facts. It does not, in our judgment, raise any issues of substance.

Redistricting: The Story So Far

Video: The Redistricting Song

As part of our investigation into the reality of redistricting, we've created, yes, a music video.

What We Asked U.S. Century

Questions Email to U.S. Century

U.S. Century Responds

Video: The Anthrax Files

A joint project by ProPublica, PBS Frontline, and McClatchy.

Editor's Note: About the Case of the Anthrax Letters

The case of the anthrax letters has been unfolding for a decade now. Some of those involved in preparing these reports covered the story when it broke and had been investigating bio-defense issues even earlier.

Momentum Builds for Global Crackdown on Tax Loopholes

International policymakers are looking for ways to rein in tax arbitrage, the practice of exploiting cross-border differences in tax laws, though companies have said they shouldn't act as 'global tax policemen.'

Documents: The Barclays Tax Investigation

New Docs Detail How Feds Downplayed Ground Zero Health Risks

Records obtained by a New York worker-safety group describe how officials in the Bush administration as well as federal agencies removed health warnings and misrepresented test results on air quality.

Post Mortem: The Story So Far

Nuclear Safety: The Story So Far

Transcript: Investigating Child Death Cases

Three Years and Counting

Photos: The Doctor Will See Them Now

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