ProPublica Wins NASW Award

ProPublica Wins First Solo Emmy Award

ProPublica Seeks New Applicants for Its Local Reporting Network

We will be working with five more newsrooms on local accountability projects for a year starting in January 2022.

ProPublica Organizes Discussion Series With Newsroom Leaders to Address the Local News Crisis

Join ProPublica for a series of conversations on the changing local news ecosystems in Atlanta, Phoenix, Detroit and beyond.

The Inside Story of How We Reported the Secret IRS Files

The ProPublica journalists who obtained the secret tax documents of thousands of America’s richest people share how they conceived of their stories, what readers should understand about the tax system and where they’re taking these stories next.

ProPublica Short Film Nominated for Emmy Award

ProPublica Hires Kit Rachlis as a Senior Editor

Video Evidence Shown in the Capitol Insurrection Criminal Cases

ProPublica and a coalition of 15 other news organizations have been arguing for access to video exhibits shown in the criminal cases against the accused Jan. 6 rioters. We’ll add new videos as we get them.

Eight Takeaways From ProPublica’s Investigation of How Sports Owners Use Their Teams to Avoid Taxes

How do billionaire team owners end up paying lower tax rates not only than their millionaire players, but even the person serving beer in the stadium? Let’s go to the highlights.

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