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Sasha Chavkin was an intern at ProPublica. He has previously written for Mother Jones, the Nation, and Grist.

BP's Claims Reporting Leaves a Fuzzy Picture

How well claimants are being compensated for oil spill damages is impossible to tell from BP’s numbers. Those who have been paid are all counted the same, regardless of the details.

In Shakeup, Incoming Spill Claims Czar Will Drop BP's Contractor

The independent claims czar for the BP spill plans to drop the contractor BP had been using and hire two companies to replace it.

Newsrooms Join ProPublica in Examining BP Claims Process: More Welcome

Examining the handling of 140,000 claims filed for damages from the BP oil spill is a job too big for any one newsroom.

BP Confirms That Thousands of Claims Decisions Will Be Deferred

BP acknowledges its decision to hold off paying many claims -- and will wait for Kenneth Feinberg, the independent administrator, to take over.

BP Leaves Many Damage Claims Waiting in Limbo

BP is lagging on deciding the validity of many damage claims, and claimants may have to wait until after the special administrator takes over later this month.

Tell Us About Your BP Claim

ProPublica’s Unofficial Guide to BP Spill Claims

Seeking compensation for damages from the Gulf spill? Here’s our handy guide.

¿Usted ha registrado una demanda con BP?

Lectores, necesitamos su ayuda. Es hora de examinar la operación masiva de las demandas establecida por BP para los daños del derramamiento de crudo y gas en el Golfo de México.

Đang khiếu nại về dầu tràn với BP?

Đang khiếu nại về dầu tràn với BP?

Have You Filed a Claim With BP?

To hold BP and the government accountable, ProPublica wants to hear from those who have filed damage claims related to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mental Health Claims From Oil Spill Probably Won’t Be Paid

The administrator of BP's $20 billion fund says he will probably not compensate people for mental health claims. "You have to draw the line somewhere," the administrator, Kenneth Feinberg, told members of Congress recently.

OSHA Cuts Outdated Air Quality Rule From Oil Worker Training

OSHA says it is no longer training oil cleanup workers to follow some outdated air quality exposure rules, and says it is applying stricture guidelines.

Lobbyists Promote Asbestos Use in the Developing World

Though it is banned or restricted in many countries, asbestos still has flourishing markets in Russia, China and elsewhere. An investigation looks at the lobbying effort behind it.

New Safety Training Finally Begins for Offshore Cleanup Workers

Prodded by OSHA, BP begins increased training for Gulf oil spill cleanup workers. The training has doubled in length and includes new topics such as exposure to weathered oil and dispersant safety.

New BP Data Shows Payments on Less Than a Third of Claims

Many Gulf Coast residents with claims against BP are still waiting for their first checks. New statistics from the company show that thousands of claims are being sent back for more information.

Louisiana Presses Campaign for BP to Fund Mental Health Services

After Louisiana appeals to the federal government, BP finally responds to the state’s request for mental health money. But it is still unclear whether the company will help.

Coast Guard Photos Show Spill Workers Without Protective Gear

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires oil cleanup workers to wear gloves, rubber boots and other safety equipment, but Coast Guard pictures from Texas show the rules aren't always followed. OSHA says it is addressing the problem.

Watch: Police Video Shows ProPublica Photographer Detained in Texas

A video taken from a police camera shows officers and a BP security guard questioning our photographer in Texas. The photographer was taking pictures near BP's refinery in Texas City.

Despite Tar Balls and Health Complaints, Florida Beaches Stay Open

Beaches near Pensacola, Fla., are still open despite tar balls washing up, reports of illnesses of beachgoers and health warnings. Even the EPA chief says she wouldn’t swim there.

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