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For Claims of Bodily Injury, No Payments from BP Yet

BP has paid millions in damages from the Gulf oil spill, but nothing yet for claims of injury. A spokesman says the company is still evaluating those claims.

Two Weeks Later, New Safety Training for Gulf Workers Has Yet to Begin

BP still has not started a longer, more detailed safety course for oil cleanup workers on boats in the Gulf of Mexico. OSHA says it isn't satisfied with the proposed changes yet.

Warning of Looming Crisis, Louisiana Calls on BP to Fund Mental Health Programs

BP has not responded to a request for $10 million to help Louisiana deal with mental health problems that it blames on the oil spill. The state health department says it is seeing anxiety, excessive drinking and thoughts of suicide in affected communities.

As Jindal Criticized Federal Bureaucracy, Louisiana Guard Troops Sat Idle

While Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has been criticizing the administration for allowing red tape to delay spill cleanup efforts, CBS News points out that the governor has National Guard troops available to help.

OSHA Director: Offshore Cleanup Workers Will Get More Training

The head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says the safety course for oil cleanup workers on boats in the Gulf will increase from four hours to eight. The expanded preparation will include training on chemical hazards.

OSHA Head Agrees: Gulf Cleanup Workers Need More Training

OSHA's chief agrees with our finding that regulations on how much training an oil spill worker should get are out of date and inadequate.

Gulf Cleanup Training Ignores Advice From Health Agency, Official Says

An official with a federal agency that helped BP develop training for cleanup workers in the Gulf says the four-hour course does not cover important topics that were recommended, including some involving chemical exposure.

Many Spill Claims Remain Unpaid as BP Debates Escrow Account

As BP considers creating an escrow account to compensate those affected by the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the company says it has paid about half of the damage claims submitted so far.

Rise in Offshore Spills Raises Wider Questions on Drilling

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill is merely the biggest and most widely reported of oil spills in the Gulf this year. The number of spills nationwide also seems to be on the rise, raising questions about oversight.

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