Scott Klein

Deputy Managing Editor

Photo of Scott Klein

Scott leads the teams at ProPublica that work at the intersection of journalism and technology. In addition to leading editorial product development and engineering, he oversees the interactive projects that tell journalistic stories using data, and that make complex subjects relevant to readers and their communities.

His teams have been recognized with a Peabody Award, several Online Journalism Awards for General Excellence, Malofiej International Infographics Award medals, the Data Journalism Award Jurors Choice Award, as well as Society for News Design Awards of Excellence, including one special recognition for “defining the design language of data-driven news apps.”

Scott is also co-founder of DocumentCloud, a service that helps news organizations search, manage and present their source documents. He sits on the board of the Muckrock Foundation.

A Conceptual Model for Interactive Databases in News

As part of a conference about archiving news applications, a group of journalists developed a framework to understand how interactive databases -- sometimes called news applications -- are made.

Introducing the ProPublica Data Store

How to Start Learning to Program

Meet our New OpenNews Fellow

We’re excited to announce that Brian Jacobs will be ProPublica’s OpenNews fellow in 2014.

Technical Difficulties on iPhone and iPad App

We’re submitting a fix today for a startup crash on the ProPublica app for iPhone and iPad.

P5 Resident Aram Chung

This week’s P5 Resident is Aram Chung.

Joanna Kao, P5 Resident

The sixth ProPublica P5 Resident is Joanna Kao.

News Applications Fellow

We’re looking for a News Applications Fellow to work with us starting this fall.

Resources for Investigating Tax-Exempt Organizations

In addition to our Nonprofit Explorer interactive database, here are some resources for researching charities and other tax-exempt organizations.

Latest P5 Resident Working on Open Source Legislation Tracker

Our P5 Resident this month is Alan Palazzolo from MinnPost. He’s the fifth P5 Resident.

ProPublica Projects -- and P5 Projects -- Finalists for Data Journalism Awards

The Global Editors Network announced finalists for its 2013 Data Journalism Awards. On the shortlist are three projects from ProPublica and two projects from former Residents in our P5 Program.

Casey Thomas, P5 Resident

The fourth P5 Resident started a project in the ProPublica offices today. He's Casey Thomas from AxisPhilly.

ProPublica's News Apps and Data Guides

How To Edit 52,000 Stories at Once

Why (and How) We Use Creative Commons for Our Stories

ProPublica has made important use of Creative Commons since our launch four and a half years ago.

Pair Programming Participant #2: Ricardo Brom

The second participant in ProPublica's Pair Programming Project is Ricardo Brom from La Nación in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

P5 Project Application

Use this form to apply to be a participant in the P5 program.

Pair Programming Participant #1: Julius Troeger

On Monday the first participant in the ProPublica Pair Programming Project started. He is Julius Troeger from Germany.

Election Day Interactives We're Watching

Here's a list of amazing interactive election day projects our colleagues at other organizations have launched.

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