Scott Klein

Deputy Managing Editor

Photo of Scott Klein

Scott leads the teams at ProPublica that work at the intersection of journalism and technology. In addition to leading editorial product development and engineering, he oversees the interactive projects that tell journalistic stories using data, and that make complex subjects relevant to readers and their communities.

His teams have been recognized with a Peabody Award, several Online Journalism Awards for General Excellence, Malofiej International Infographics Award medals, the Data Journalism Award Jurors Choice Award, as well as Society for News Design Awards of Excellence, including one special recognition for “defining the design language of data-driven news apps.”

Scott is also co-founder of DocumentCloud, a service that helps news organizations search, manage and present their source documents. He sits on the board of the Muckrock Foundation.

Adventure Awaits: Another ProPublica News Apps Fellowship

Starting later this year, ProPublica is going to be part of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellowship program. The OpenNews Fellow will work as a member of our news applications team on major journalism projects and will also get to travel the world attending hack days and conferences.

The ProPublica Pair Programming Project

Come code with us! The ProPublica Pair Programming Project -- or P5 -- opens the ProPublica News Apps desk to newsroom coders who want to work on a ProPublica project, or to finish a project of their own, from the ProPublica offices in New York.

Knight Foundation Grant to Support ProPublica's News Applications Desk

We’re very pleased to announce that the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has made a grant to support ProPublica’s news applications desk.

Useful Code Snippets

At ProPublica we sometimes share small, simple snippets of using GitHub "Gists."

Introducing StateFace

Today we released a font that you can use to include small state map shapes as a design element in a web application. It’s called StateFace.

Announcing the ProPublica News Apps Fellowship

The ProPublica News Apps desk is looking for a smart, technically-savvy journalist to join our team for a pilot project we’re calling a News Applications Fellowship.

Adaptive Design, Fixed Widths and Tablets

If you're trying to make your fixed-width site adaptive, there are some things you need to know about the viewport tag.

How We Made Look Better on Your Smartphone

In order to make our site more welcoming for the increasing number of you who read us on your smartphones, we've redesigned and re-engineered the site so that people on small screens will automatically see a version of the site optimized to fit them.

Behold: ProPublica's Android App

Readers with Android-based smartphones will be able to keep up on all of ProPublica's latest stories, long-term investigations, and even our daily links to the best investigative journalism from around the web

Open Source Project: Thinner

Today we're releasing a new open source project called "Thinner."

Use Our Dollars for Docs Widget on Your Site

New Version of the ProPublica iPhone and iPad App Available

The newest release of our iOS app is available for download on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and includes significant speed improvements and bug fixes.

Welcome to the Nerd Blog

Introducing our new Nerd Blog, which will let technical readers know what ProPublica’s News Applications desk is up to.

ProPublica's New iPhone App -- Now on the iPad, Too

We have released a new version of our application for the iPhone and the iPad.

Take a Look at the New

We have redesigned our website to make it more usable, put things in better context and to make it cleaner and easier to navigate.

Behold: ProPublica's iPhone App, the Mobile Version


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