Theodoric Meyer

Former Reporting Fellow

Theodoric Meyer is a former ProPublica reporting fellow. He started at ProPublica as a reporting intern in 2012 and previously worked as a reporting intern at The New York Times and The Seattle Times. He was a lead reporter for ProPublica’s “After the Flood” series, which won the Deadline Club Award for Local Reporting in 2014. His reporting on the National Security Agency with Justin Elliott was cited in Judge Richard J. Leon’s ruling that N.S.A. surveillance of phone metadata was likely unconstitutional. He is a graduate of McGill University and Columbia University.

Dollars for Docs: The Top Earners

We’ve identified 22 doctors who’ve earned at least $500,000 since 2009.

Another Awesome Presidential Responsibility: Selecting Members of the Marine Mammal Commission

While appointments like secretary of state get the headlines, the president also appoints members to a host of obscure boards and commissions.

Under Obama, More Appointments Go Unfilled

More presidentially appointed positions were sitting vacant at the end of President Obama’s first term than at the end of Bill Clinton’s or George W. Bush’s first terms, according to a ProPublica analysis.

The Best In-Depth Reporting on Immigration (#MuckReads)

We’ve rounded up the some of the best recent reporting on immigration — from the surging numbers of Central Americans crossing the border to visas available only to wealthy foreigners.

Do As We Say, Congress Says, Then Does What It Wants

Congress exempts itself from a number of laws that apply to the private sector and the executive branch.

The Best Reporting on Redistricting Shenanigans (#MuckReads)

We’ve rounded up some of the best reporting on how the parties have tried to influence both congressional and state electoral maps — and, in most cases, gotten away with it — for political gain.

The Best Reporting on What’s Wrong with Congress

As the Senate tries to fix the filibuster, we've rounded up the best stories on the dysfunction in Congress.

Why 58 Representatives Who Voted for Hurricane Katrina Aid Voted Against Aid for Sandy

Bills that passed almost unanimously in 2005 have run into trouble this time around.

How Bad Is Our Debt Problem, Anyway? And Will a Deal Fix It?

The U.S. is $16.4 trillion in debt. What exactly does that mean?

House Seats vs. Popular Vote

How Dark Money Helped Republicans Hold the House and Hurt Voters

The GOP control of the House came despite more votes for Democrats. Republicans used dark money to control redistricting in many states, aided by other supposedly nonpartisan groups that leaned heavily to Republicans.

How Much Did Sheldon Adelson Really Spend on Campaign 2012?

Because of dark money, we may never know. But recent campaign finance filings give us a better idea.

Homeland Security Has Spent $430 Million on Radios Its Employees Don’t Know How to Use

Only one of 479 Department of Homeland Security employees surveyed were able to find the designated secure channel on their radios.

What We Learned from Free the Files -- and How to Make It Better

After spending months digging through the tens of thousands of documents the country's television stations uploaded as part of our Free the Files project, we look back on what we learned and how to make it better.

Outside Groups Dominated Las Vegas Airwaves in 2012 Campaign

An analysis of political ad files in our Free the Files database found spending by dark money nonprofit Crossroads GPS and its affiliate super PAC rivaled spending by the Obama and Romney campaigns combined.

Reading Guide: Where Romney and Obama Actually Stand on Global Warming

We've looked beyond the candidates' rhetoric — or lack thereof — to find out where they actually stand on climate change.

Reading Guide: Where Obama and Romney Actually Stand on Iran

We've looked beyond the candidates' campaign rhetoric to see what actually separates them on Iran.

Big Electric Companies Behind 'Grassroots' Ad Campaign in Florida

Defend My Dividend calls itself a grassroots campaign to halt a dividend tax hike. But the group's ad buys are linked to trade groups for utilities and other dividend-paying companies.

The Best Reporting on Facebook and Your Privacy

With Facebook passing the one-billion user mark, we’ve rounded up the best reads on the company and privacy issues.

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