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Marcus Stern Discusses the Obama Administration’s Immigration Policies


ProPublica senior reporter Marcus Stern (Lars Klove)

With more than 10 million undocumented citizens living in the United States and a limited amount of government funding budgeted to deport 400,000 of them, how do you determine who stays and who goes?

On this week's podcast, ProPublica senior reporter Marcus Stern discusses the Obama administration's shift in focus from returning all undocumented immigrants to deporting "the worst of the worst." Stern talks about the recent policy changes, why local law enforcement officials have been more involved in immigration issues and why Congress has been unable to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

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First Obama should be impeached and as he exits the White House his motorcade should include Holder and the DHS Secretary.

Enacting back door amnesty is a slap in the face of 70% of the American people.

The Administration does not have to deport the millions they simply have to clamp down on the hiring of Illegals. This will drive Illegals back to their country of origin.

With the economy in the tank and unemployment almost double of the announced numbers we simply can not take in millions whose needs require more than we can afford.

An article from the BBC titled “‘Family values’ of Mexico drug gang” the following exert should be a warning to all

“The latest arrests in the United States confirm what Mexico has long been warning the US authorities: that the drugs which pour across the border every day bring organised crime with them.But some believe that particular weaknesses within Mexico have made it especially vulnerable to cartels.
Pervasive unemployment, corruption within law enforcement and huge divisions between rich and poor are the perfect territory in which groups like La Familia can flourish. “Drug trafficking,” says Prof Gonzalez, “is a symptom of a far deeper sickness in this country”.

Folks we have pervasive unemployment, corruption within Gov’t and an ever division between rich and poor. Our inner cities are scary places with violence happening every day over territory.

If you think that the United States can not become like the failed State of Mexico then you are blind to reality.

The BBC had a map along with a legend indicating the cartel groups staked out territory’s and one area they are fighting over. Folks this covered the entire country of Mexico. Today in Pinal County, AZ an Illegal was found in a cave over looking a wide swath of territory. He had sophisticated equipment and guns. We can not ignore that the staking out of drug routes are not already taking place in the United States.

While the argument can be made that most Illegal’s are “good” people my point is that as our middle class dwindles ever more towards the label of “the under privileged” all though it may take a few years America could become the next failed State. And I might add race and class wars.

America has shed blood and capital all over the world. However it is now a time in our history to heal ourselves. We simply can not keep giving with out suffering consequences. If America can not recovery this economic disaster then the entire Global economy is ever closer to total destruction. Tell me what will you or your children have in store for them?

One last point. Not all Illegals are Latino. Those who came to our shores to attend our Universities and failed to obtain green cards or extended visa’s and did not return to their country of origin are most likely working at the high-tech job that many American who is qualified is loosing shoe leather looking for a job.


The BBC had a map of drug cartel regions in Mexico, basically this map covered all of Mexico.

In a related article

My son and I on a B1B2 trip to the USA in 1999 for golf and business were approached at Hawaii as we disembarked from the plane by a man in slacks and a Hawaiin shirt hanging out,My son was in a wheelchair bui was capable of walking a little( as a result of a motorbike accident).We were co-opted to follow this man out through a gate were I realised we were IN the USA and had not passed through customs.I recognised the street as were we were discharged there 20 years before and were greeted with garlands of flowers.then.We had entered the USA illegally thru no fault of our own.The man did not identify himself but when we re-entered the terminal building much to the surprise of staff behind a counter overseeing a sad and bedraggled group of people who may have been illegals/false documents we were processed quickly as our documents were of them even wanted me to stay on the island and take a trip to the other side.I declined as we wanted to get to the mainland and get across to Florida as soon as possible for the golf..They seemed to have some problem about how they would document our travel to CA.They decided to list us as ‘domestic’.The man in the shirt was probably some sort of INS or drug agent.I think they were disappointed we were in the clear.We stayed 5 and a half months but even tho we have been back in Australia since, I feel as tho I have never left the USA.We entered illegally under legal supervision ans;left legally.. The officer came under some criticism for his actions which was covered up by ;logging us as ‘;domestic’ passengers to CA.


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