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Updated March 18

 The federal government has loaned AIG around $170 billion since mid-September to rescue the faltering insurance company from bankruptcy. But the now-taxpayer-owned company has raised ire for burning through the cash, potentially hiding its losses, lobbying the government in favor of deregulation and doling out millions in bonuses.

AIG found itself on shaky footing after the company's financial products unit churned out $440 billion in mortgage-related credit default swaps, a type of unregulated insurance, without keeping the capital needed to back up its bets. When customers came a-knockin', AIG wasn't left with many options -- or any capital. The federal government has subsequently stepped in four times to rescue the foundering company:

Shortly after its fourth federal bailout, AIG caused an uproar with the news that it was doling out hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to employees in its financial products unit. It also disclosed the names of its trading partners: U.S. and foreign financial institutions that have reaped $49.5 billion from AIG's rescue funds.

Other criticisms of AIG have cropped up too. It's been scrutinized by the FBI over whether it concealed massive losses on mortgage-related investments from investors and auditors. It was criticized for lobbying against a new law that cracks down on mortgage fraud after receiving government aid. And, as ProPublica reported in February, AIG didn't tell potential buyers of Alico, one of its subsidiaries, about an unresolved tax issue.

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