Scandal: Madoff’s Long Con

Updated June 29, 2009

The Dec. 11 arrest of legendary money manager Bernard Madoff on charges of securities fraud left Wall Street reeling in disbelief. His investment advisory business, Madoff admitted, was “all just one big lie”: He had been operating—supposedly singlehandedly—a massive and long-running Ponzi scheme.

Bernard MadoffMadoff told investigators that the losses exceeded $50 billion. His clients’ November 2008 account statements showed balances of nearly $65 billion

Madoff’s years on Wall Street earned him a reputation as a financial whiz and a run as the chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market. His firm, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, was known primarily as a brokerage business, but Madoff personally ran a nearly autonomous branch, an investment advisory business. Madoff’s golden reputation prompted private investors, hedge funds and charities to invest heavily in the advisory firm, which operated with a level of secrecy unusual even in the shadowy world of hedge funds. It is from this branch that he operated the Ponzi scheme.

Madoff’s firm was remarkably successful, generating 1 percent monthly returns like clockwork and reporting gains even as the market plummeted this year. Those returns were largely contrived, SEC officials say now, and the scheme appears to have unraveled due to the market crisis.

Having finally run out of money, Madoff confessed to his sons, who turned him in. His subsequent confession to federal authorities prompted the question, where exactly was the SEC during all of this?

Madoff registered the investment advisory business with the SEC in 2006 but it hadn’t been inspected before Madoff’s arrest, despite the SEC’s goal of scrutinizing new advisors within their first year.

In 1992 the SEC investigated Madoff as part of its lawsuit against two Florida accountants but determined that “investors’ money was all accounted for.”

The SEC opened two subsequent investigations into the company, one in 2005 and one in 2007, following years of accusations from tipsters and news reports. (One of those tipsters wrote to the SEC in 1999, “Madoff Securities is the world’s largest Ponzi Scheme.”) The SEC found three technical violations in 2005 and no evidence of wrongdoing in 2007.

Another skeptic hired a private investigator who found that the accounting firm Madoff’s company used to monitor its billions until November 2006 “had only three employees, one of whom was 78 and lived in Florida, and another was a secretary, and that it operated in a 13 foot by 18 foot office.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Madoff’s “money-management business appears to have fallen into a regulatory gray zone for years.”

Madoff pleaded guilty to all charges on March 12. He was sentenced to 150 years in prison on June 29. Fraud charges have also been filed against: Madoff’s accounting firm; Fairfield Greenwich Group, the largest of the Madoff “feeder funds”; and J. Ezra Merkin, a money manager who also fed his clients’ money into Madoff’s business.

In June, ProPublica reported that a Madoff client, Jeffry Picower, and his family withdrew $5.1 billion more than they originally invested with Madoff’s firm, according to a lawsuit filed by the trustee who is trying to recover the money for victims of Madoff’s scheme.

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