Scandal: Detainee Treatment

Updated Jan. 22, 2009

In January 2002, President Bush decided that combatants captured in Afghanistan and the "war on terror" were not prisoners of war and therefore weren't protected by the Geneva Conventions' rules for humane prisoner treatment. With backing from administration lawyers, Bush loosened the rules on interrogations and gave the CIA new powers to set up secret detention facilities in other countries.

Interrogation room in Camp Delta at Gitmo (Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)In early 2002, the U.S. began to bring "enemy combatants" to its base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba -- a kind of legal no-man's land that the administration argued was subject to neither U.S. law nor any other national jurisdiction. Some prisoners there faced harsh interrogations. (In May 2008, the Department of Justice released a report describing how FBI agents documented abuses at Guantanamo and were then ignored by top officials.)

According to one Pentagon report, the interrogation techniques at Guantanamo later "migrated to Afghanistan and Iraq." In April 2004, CBS' 60 Minutes II broadcast the now-infamous photos of prisoners being abused at Abu Ghraib. The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh soon followed with an exposé detailing the military's until-then classified report on the abuse. In the aftermath, a handful of soldiers were charged with crimes.

The administration has begun military tribunals for enemy combatants. Six of the tribunals' own prosecutors have protested the tribunal's lack of fairness, and the tribunals' legal adviser was reassigned after he displayed signs of bias for the prosecution. On June 12, the Supreme Court ruled that the government had violated the rights of prisoners who had been detained indefinitely without charges at Guantanamo and gave detainees the right to challenge their detentions in U.S. courts. 

When President Obama took office on Jan. 20, he immediately ordered Gitmo prosecutors to seek a 120-day halt on the military commissions there, which they did. The president then issued a series of executive orders calling for the closure of Gitmo within one year and an end to the abusive interrogation techniques favored by the Bush administration.

Essential Reading:

There's been an enormous amount of fine reporting on torture. Some highlights:

Most reporters have moved on, but for continuing coverage, check out the Miami Herald's Guantanamo Bay page.


  • The ACLU has obtained and published thousands of pages of government documents on torture.
  • The "Taguba Report" details the mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib. (Some key excerpts.)
  • These infamous photos capture U.S. soldiers abusing and humiliating Abu Ghraib prisoners.
  • Ex-Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo wrote this March 2003 memo that authorized the use of torture on enemy combatants. Part one (PDF) and part two (PDF).
  • The Justice Department's compiled this 2008 report on the FBI's knowledge (PDF) of the CIA's harsh interrogation tactics at Gitmo.
  • The New York Times has compiled an extensive database of past and present Gitmo detainees.
  • For more documents and details on methods of interrogation, check out Slate's Torture Guide. It's slightly dated but chock full of handy info.

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