Buying Your Vote

Dark Money and Big Data

A series of court rulings led to the creation of super PACs and an influx of “dark money” into politics, fundamentally changing how elections work. ProPublica is following the money and exploring campaign issues you won't read about elsewhere.

Everything We Know (So Far) About Obama’s Big Data Tactics

A new look at what the Obama campaign did with its much-heralded data operation.

Why Is Arizona Still Counting Votes?

Answer: a record number of early and provisional ballots that’s squeezing the system.

What Effect, If Any, Did Voter ID Laws Have on the Election?

Dealt early defeats in court, the laws’ actual impact on voters remains an open question

Check ’Em Out: Donations to Dark Money Group Revealed

ProPublica and Frontline are putting checks written to Western Tradition Partnership online. Released under a court order last week, the records give a rare look inside the controversial dark money group.

Obama's Microtargeting 'Nuclear Codes'

Some key findings on campaign targeting from Time Magazine's interviews with Obama advisers.

Welcome to Election Day: Seven Things That Could Go Wrong (or Already Have)

Long lines, confusion, voter suppression, Sandy-related disruptions, a tie in electoral votes and more.

Why It May Be Illegal to Instagram Your Ballot

In most states, you’re not allowed to show other people your marked ballot.

Five of the Most Confusing Ballots in the Country

In many states, voters will be asked to weigh in on a slew of measures and proposals, whether comprehensible or not.

Key Montana Senate Race Draws Deluge of Dark Money

More TV ads have been purchased in the race than in any other Senate contest in the country, including many paid for by outside money groups.

Dark Money Group’s Donors Revealed

Bank records released under a court order show that Western Tradition Partnership's donors included an Oklahoma businessman, a Colorado builder and other dark money groups linked to Ron Paul.

Dark Money Group's Bank Records Suggest Ties to Campaign Work

Bank records released Friday by aMontana district court judge show that the wife of a key player for WesternTradition Partnership signed many of the group's checks. She runs a companythat did work for candidates.

Reading Guide: Where Romney and Obama Actually Stand on Global Warming

We've looked beyond the candidates' rhetoric — or lack thereof — to find out where they actually stand on climate change.

A Pop-Up Problem

By the time the Internal Revenue Service discovers that a group has crossed the line from nonprofit promotion to politicking, many operators have boarded up shop and moved on.

When Dark Money Goes Local

How the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity is attacking a cap-and-trade program in New Hampshire.

Dark Money Rises

Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on this election came from faceless donors. A TIME/ProPublica report on how mystery cash is changing American politics.

More Evidence Key Dark Money Group May Have Misled IRS

Western Tradition Partnership's alleged big donor said he had actually never heard of the group.

Documents Found in Meth House Bare Inner Workings of Dark Money Group

Boxes of records turned over to Montana authorities show that a top person from Western Tradition Partnership interacted with candidates and helped shape their election efforts, possibly violating laws that bar coordination between campaigns and outside groups.

Reading Guide: Where Romney and Obama Stand on the Supreme Court

It's a topic voters won't necessarily hear about – despite the long-lasting consequences.

Dark Money and Citizens United: What Obama and Romney Would and Wouldn’t Do About It

We look at where the candidates stand on money in politics.

How Companies Have Assembled Political Profiles for Millions of Internet Users

Political targeting companies are pushing the boundaries of what it means to be "anonymous" on the web.

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