Buying Your Vote

Dark Money and Big Data

A series of court rulings led to the creation of super PACs and an influx of “dark money” into politics, fundamentally changing how elections work. ProPublica is following the money and exploring campaign issues you won't read about elsewhere.

Reading Guide: Where Obama and Romney Actually Stand on Iran

We've looked beyond the candidates' campaign rhetoric to see what actually separates them on Iran.

Did the Dark Money Group that Spurred a Landmark Ruling Mislead the IRS?

A nonprofit group that filed a lawsuit that led the Supreme Court to apply its Citizens United decision to states told the IRS that it wouldn't intervene in elections – after it already had.

Democratic Congressman Takes Heat For Lobbyist-Organized Taiwan Trip

ProPublica reported on Bill Owens’ trip to Taiwan earlier this year. Now his opponent is attacking him over the trip in a campaign ad.

Message Machine Starts Providing Answers

Political campaigns use massive databases to target their constituents. ProPublica's Message Machine is beginning to find some answers on how they do it.

Money is Speech: A Musical History of Campaign Finance

Our latest explainer video, on the storied history of money in politics.

The Campaign Finance Free-For-All: How We Got to This Point

A primer in the four-decade-long unraveling of campaign finance reform

Four Ways Ohio and Others Have Toughened Voting Rules

It's not just voter-ID laws. Learn what else states are doing that has gotten heat.

11 Key Reads on the Economy Ahead of Tonight's Debate

With the economy on the debate schedule tonight, we've rounded up some of the best coverage of the critical economic issues in the presidential election.

What We Still Don’t Know About Mitt Romney’s Taxes

Romney released his 2011 tax return and other information recently. So what else is there to know?

Adelson: My Casino is Being Investigated Because I Oppose Obama

Sheldon Adelson told Politico his company, Las Vegas Sands, is being targeted because of his political activity.

Finders Weepers: Early Bain Disputes Cast New Light on Its Business

Romney's private equity firm battled with brokers, also asked them to find healthy companies, not just turnarounds.

Mitt Romney's Tax Mysteries: A Reading Guide

We lay out the questions raised by Romney's tax disclosures, and what we still don't know.

How an Obscure Federal Rule Could Be Shaking Up Presidential Politics

Federal rules that forbid employees of Wall Street firms from giving money to certain state officials running for federal office if the firms do business with that state helped knock New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie out of contention for a spot on the GOP ticket, according to anonymous sources quoted in the New York Post.

Campaign Email Overload? We've Got a Website for That

The political conventions are upon us, and with them a new flood of campaign emails. ProPublica debuts a new campaign emails Tumblr.

No Tax Returns for You, Dark Money Groups Say

Some politically oriented social-welfare nonprofits dodged ProPublica’s requests for IRS filings or refused to provide them as required

Akin Controversy Stirs GOP: Where Do Republicans Stand on Abortion Exemption?

Akin clings to Senate nomination, as his party scrambles to limit damage.

Ask Kim Barker Anything About Campaign Finance (a Reddit Chat)

ProPublica reporter Kim Barker will be your guide to all things campaign finance this Thursday on Reddit from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Political or Not? You Be the Judge

Dark Money: Methodology

How we calculated the numbers in our Dark Money application.

How Nonprofits Spend Millions on Elections and Call it Public Welfare

Some tax-exempt groups underreported their political activities in 2010 to the IRS, ProPublica finds, using tactics that are being used to pour dark money into campaigns on an even larger scale this year.

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