Buying Your Vote

Dark Money and Big Data

A series of court rulings led to the creation of super PACs and an influx of “dark money” into politics, fundamentally changing how elections work. ProPublica is following the money and exploring campaign issues you won't read about elsewhere.

How Some Nonprofit Groups Funnel Dark Money Into Campaigns

Explore how tax-exempt groups active in the 2010 election spent millions of dollars on campaigns, sometimes reporting less political spending to the Internal Revenue Service than they did to election officials.

Two Dark Money Groups Outspending All Super PACs Combined

Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS and Americans for Prosperity, a group backed by the Koch brothers, have put almost $60 million so far into ads to influence the presidential race, an analysis of new spending estimates shows.

Campaign Ads and the 2012 Election: Join Our Google Plus Chat

How exactly do campaigns define and track voters? How much do they really know about us? And what privacy issues does it raise? Join us for a live discussion of campaign ads in the 2012 election this Friday on Google Plus.

Pandora Asks Listeners to Share Their Emails With Romney

The request comes via a campaign ad on the popular music site.

Is Your Neighbor a Democrat? Obama Has an App for That

A new mobile app puts public information about voters at your fingertips.

New Questions About Sheldon Adelson’s Casino Operations in Macau

Las Vegas Sands has insisted for more than a year that it needed approval from Macau authorities to turn over documents sought by federal investigators and a former employee suing the company for wrongful termination. Now, the company owned by the biggest single Republican donor acknowledges that many of the documents have been in the United States all along.

Dark Money Political Groups Target Voters Based on Their Internet Habits 

Dark money groups are using sophisticated online targeting tactics. Voters may never know they’re being targeted.

Explore Hundreds of Campaign Emails in the Message Machine

Today we're opening up the political campaign emails we have collected from our readers.

Emails on Alves' Employment and Payment

Inside the Investigation of Leading Republican Money Man Sheldon Adelson

In just a few years, the chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands created a gambling empire in Macau that made him one of the world’s richest men. Now, Sheldon Adelson’s business methods are under expanding scrutiny by federal and Nevada investigators.

How Mitt Romney Followed Me Around the Internet

Romney's campaign is using the same ad targeting tactics as airlines and shoe stores.

Message Machine Update: A Cameo by Sheldon Adelson

On Saturday the Obama campaign sent an email to supporters mentioning Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino mogul who has donated millions to Republican super PACs.

Message Machine: Dinner at Sarah Jessica Parker’s House

Last Monday, the Obama campaign sent out an email about a dinner with the President at Sarah Jessica Parker's house this coming Thursday. We received 7 versions of it.

How Microsoft and Yahoo Are Selling Politicians Access to You

The personal information you gave Microsoft or Yahoo may be used to target you with online ads.

Help Us Track How Politicians Target You

Political campaigns are using increasingly sophisticated methods to target messages to voters, methods that are not at all transparent. We need your help to uncover and understand them.

Donations to Scott Walker Flagged as Potential Fraud

A woman in upstate New York is surprised to find a contribution to the Wisconsin governor's campaign on her credit card.

Read the Tax Returns From Karl Rove’s ‘Dark Money’ Group (Donors Still a Mystery)

The returns for nonprofit Crossroads GPS are the first glimpse of how much the group, which has spent millions on political ads, raised in 2010 and 2011.

The Return of CREEP

New FEC filings show 324 super PACs, including 159 with money and one named for the infamous fundraising committee embroiled in the Watergate scandal

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