Buying Your Vote

Dark Money and Big Data

A series of court rulings led to the creation of super PACs and an influx of “dark money” into politics, fundamentally changing how elections work. ProPublica is following the money and exploring campaign issues you won't read about elsewhere.

Our Guide to the Best Coverage of Newt Gingrich and His Record

Newt Gingrich is struggling to make a political comeback after his spectacular fall a decade ago. Here's some of the best coverage of his political career and record.

Candidates Increasingly Connected to Supposedly Independent PACs

Many of the 2012 presidential hopefuls have close ties to Super PACs, new political action committees that can raise unlimited money in support of a candidate, but are supposed to operate independently.

Our Guide to the Best Coverage of Mitt Romney and His Record

Beyond RomneyCare: A rundown of some of the best reading on Mitt Romney's background and record.

Our Guide to the Best Coverage on Rep. Michele Bachmann and Her Record

A rundown of the stories you need to read about Rep. Michele Bachmann. She has held the title of Tea Party favorite thus far in the campaign, but what about her actual record?

Our Guide to the Best Coverage of Ron Paul and His Record

Ron Paul’s tiny-government ideals have become increasingly relevant. Here's our guide to some of the best reading on the Texas Congressman.

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