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Vaccinating America

On the Line

How the Meatpacking Industry Became a Hotbed of COVID-19

The Insurrection

The Effort to Overturn the Election


A Failure in Michigan’s Juvenile Justice System

Sunken Costs

Coal Ash in Georgia

State of Denial

Inside Arizona’s Division of Developmental Disabilities

Promised Land

A Failed Housing Pledge to Native Hawaiians

California Burning

The Climate Crisis is Setting the State on Fire

Power Play

The Influence of Virginia’s Biggest Utility


Investigating the Only State Without Public Defenders

The NYPD Files

Investigating America’s Largest Police Force

The Great Climate Migration

A Warming Planet and a Shifting Population

Coming to Collect

Investigating Public Housing in Annapolis

Paradise Lost

Hawaii’s Disappearing Beaches

Lessons Lost

How Federal Schools Are Failing Native American Students

The Pandemic Economy

Fiscal Responses to COVID-19

Pollution Profiteers

Inside California’s Toxic Hauling Industry

The Cutting

Investigating Industrial Logging in Oregon

Critical Condition

Investigating the Business of Oklahoma’s Rural Hospitals

At a Great Price

The True Cost of the Sears Headquarters Deal

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