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Our Nursing Home Inspect tool allows anyone to easily search and analyze the details of recent nursing home inspections, as well as penalties imposed on each home over the past three years.


Looking at Nursing Homes? See Which Ones Have Been Cited for Deficiencies

On the eve of a Senate nursing home hearing, we’ve updated Nursing Home Inspect. Compare nursing homes based on the deficiencies cited by regulators in the past three years. You can also search over 60,000 nursing home inspection reports to look for trends or patterns.

Other Entries

Congressional Leaders Ask FDA About Coumadin Safety

The move follows a ProPublica analysis showing mistakes involving the drug resulted in injuries and deaths of nursing home residents.

Feds Call for More Scrutiny of Nursing Home Errors Involving Blood Thinner

Inspectors are being asked to pay greater attention following analysis showing mistakes resulting in injuries and deaths.

Popular Blood Thinner Causing Deaths, Injuries at Nursing Homes

Some facilities fail to properly oversee Coumadin. Too much can cause bleeding; too little, clots. Nursing homes are “a perfect setup for bad things happening,” one expert says.

Two Deaths, Wildly Different Penalties: The Big Disparities in Nursing Home Oversight

ProPublica’s updated Nursing Home Inspect tool shows that government fails to ensure consistent penalties for nursing homes in different states.

Nursing Home Inspect

We've updated our app with new data and a new design, making it easier to find nursing home problems in your state.

The 10 Most Common Nursing Home Violations

We’ve updated our searchable Nursing Home Inspect database to cover more than a quarter million deficiencies found at U.S. nursing homes.

Find Voting Rights Violations in Nursing Homes

Not all long-term care residents get to exercise their right to vote. Dozens of nursing homes have violated residents’ voting rights. Find out more using our Nursing Home Inspect database.

Search Our Nursing Home Inspection Data, Now With Thousands of New Reports

New government data expands our searchable cache of nursing home inspection reports to include details about 217,000 reported deficiencies.

Now On Nursing Home Inspect: 140,000-Plus Inspection Reports

Our super-fast news app lets users easily find violations at nursing homes nationwide.

Nursing Home Inspect Update: More Homes, More Violations

Our Nursing Home Inspect news app now contains more than 134,600 deficiencies from nearly every nursing home in the United States. News organizations have identified many problems at homes in their communities.

Tipsheet: How to Use Nursing Home Inspect

Tips to help you get the best results from your searches.

What We Found Using Nursing Home Inspect

We’ve made it easy to search nearly 118,000 deficiencies found during government inspections at 14,565 nursing homes nationwide.

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