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What We Learned from ProPublica’s 2021 Reader Survey

Our survey of more than 12,000 readers tells us you’re concerned about climate change, very active in your communities and hail from an increasingly diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds.

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Help us learn more about you and how you think we’re doing — and enter to win a ProPublica tote bag.

ProPublica’s 2020 Reader Survey Results

Our survey of more than 6,000 readers shows you’re increasingly interested in inequality, reading fewer newspapers, and the newest among you hail from a more diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds than ever before.

2019 Reader Survey Results: A Loyal Audience Craving Government Coverage

A majority of the over 3,500 respondents have been reading us for more than a year and are also interested in seeing us investigate health care, the environment and inequality.

ProPublica’s 2018 Reader Survey Results

With over 3,000 responses, the results are in for ProPublica’s reader survey.

Results of Our 2017 Reader Survey

The results are in for ProPublica’s latest reader survey, to which we had more than 5300 respondents.

Results of Our 2015 Reader Survey

Results of Our 2013 Reader Survey

We’ve got the results of ProPublica’s latest reader survey, fielded last week, and we wanted to share them with you.

Results of Our 2010 Reader Survey

ProPublica readers like our longer stories, are generally happy with what we’re doing, and are a demographic dream, our most recent survey found.

Results of our 2008 Reader Survey

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