Opaque redistricting groups are being quietly bankrolled by corporations, unions and others to influence redistricting. They aim to help political allies — and in the process they're hurting voters.

How secret money and power interests are drawing you out of a vote.

Five Ways Courts Say Texas Discriminated Against Black and Latino Voters

Separate federal panels struck down two Texas voting provisions. We look at examples of discrimination they found.

How Dark Money Helped Republicans Hold the House and Hurt Voters

The GOP control of the House came despite more votes for Democrats. Republicans used dark money to control redistricting in many states, aided by other supposedly nonpartisan groups that leaned heavily to Republicans.

In California, Democrats’ Redistricting Strategy Paid Off

Last year, Democrats in Congress went to great lengths to undermine a new, non-partisan redistricting process in California. The elections show the results.

California Congresswoman’s Redistricting Shenanigans Catch Eye of Ethics Committee

Per Politico, Rep. Laura Richardson used taxpayer-funded staff and resources in her campaign to manipulate California’s independent redistricting commission.

Colorado Redistricting Had Inside Help

Hired guns paid by anonymous donors played pivotal role as hopes of bi-partisan deal slipped away.

Obama’s Gerrymander

President Obama may have propelled his political career forward by gerrymandering a Chicago district to include rich supporters.

Actual Winner Unclear in Supreme Court’s Ruling on Texas Redistricting

Court rejects minority-friendly map, orders federal judges to give more weight to Texas' original plan drawn by GOP-controlled legislature.

Will the Supreme Court Strike Down Part of the Voting Rights Act?

The court's ruling on a Texas redistricting case could transform the nation's approach to minority voting rights -- and determine which party controls Congress.

Answering Your Questions on Our California Redistricting Story

We answer your questions about our California redistricting story.

California Republicans Call for Official Investigation of Dems’ Redistricting Tactics

Early reactions to ProPublica’s report on the ways California Democrats manipulated the state’s citizen redistricting commission split along partisan lines.

Map: A Tale of Two Districts

How Democrats Fooled California’s Redistricting Commission

To get the districts they wanted, Democrats organized groups that said they represented communities, but really represented the party.

Rep. Jerry McNerney's District

Democrats recognized that they could protect Jerry McNerney from being redistricted out of office by the Citizen's Redistricting Commission.

Emails Suggest Ohio’s New Republican-Friendly Maps Save the GOP ‘Millions’

A rare inside look at how political parties use redistricting to cement partisan control — often at the expense of voters.

In Minn. Redistricting Battle, Powerful Players Clash — With Citizens on Sidelines

An unfolding legal fight shows how difficult it is for anyone outside of political parties to have an impact on redistricting

In Nevada, Opaque Groups Square Off Over Redistricting

Who funded the legal battles over Nevada’s redistricting? Voters may never know.

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