The Syria Documents

A trove of internal government documents shows the regime of Bashar al-Assad trying to get cash and choppers from Russia.

A trove of Syrian government documents show how Bashar al-Assad seeks outside aid.

Iraq Blocks Syria's Request to Fetch Combat Helicopters from Russia

Mystery solved. Syria had requested to ferry attack helicopters from Russia over Iraq, but the flights hadn't happened. Now, the Iraqis say they denied permission.

To Retrieve Attack Helicopters from Russia, Syria Asks Iraq for Help, Documents Show

Documents show that Syria asked Iraqiauthorities to grant air access to fly in refurbished attack helicopters fromRussia, putting a spotlight on Iraq’s role in the nearly two-year conflict.

Syria Claims Turkey Committed 'Air Piracy,' New Documents Say

Hackers with the online group Anonymous posted new documents giving Syria’s version of how Turkey impounded a Syrian Arab Airlines passenger jet last month. The documents could not be authenticated.

Flight Records Say Russia Sent Syria Tons of Cash

The records of overflight requests show more than 200 tons of "bank notes" from Moscow to Damascus.

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