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Map: Injuries and Deaths to Civilian Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan by Country

As part of our investigation into the federally financed workers' compensation program that provides medical insurance to injured war contractors, here's a look at the numbers of civilian contractors by country who were injured or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The darker the red, the more contractors listed that country as their home. Outside of the United States, which has had some 18,000 contractors injured or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, India has the most with 381 contractors injured or killed.

Roll over each country to see how many civilian contractors from that country were injured or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For more on our investigation on injured war contractors, go to Disposable Army: Civilian Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan

Labor Department data as of January 2008. Country data is derived from the home mailing address of injured civilian contractor or survivors in case of death. As a result, the data is not always an indication of nationality. For Iraq and Afghanistan, the data is especially skewed since injured Iraqis and Afghans often decline to provide home mailing address information for fear of being labeled as collaborators. Also, countries with fewer than 7 reported contractor injuries were withheld by the Labor Department, which cited privacy concerns to block release of such information. Civilian contractors have listed home mailing addresses from at least 50 other countries.

Krista Kjellman Schmidt/ProPublica
Map Design Courtesy of DIY Maps