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Behind Administration Spin: Bailout Still $123 Billion in the Red

The administration has been on a charm offensive about the TARP. We check in with our bailout database to show where things really stand.

The Bailout Yearbook: The Stars and the Slackers

A half-trillion dollars later, the TARP bailout has produced moneymakers, slow payers and underachievers.

U.S. Bore AIG Bailout Risk, but Foreign Banks Reaped the Rewards, Says Watchdog

A report by a government watchdog says that when the U.S. Treasury bailed out AIG, it may have propped up foreign banks as well.

Despite Extra Help, Weakest Bailed-Out Bank Is Still Among the Worst

A bailout program was aimed at healthy banks, but Rep. Maxine Waters is accused of improperly helping one that was sick.

Treasury’s ‘Point Man’ on AIG Bailout That Benefited Goldman, Owned Goldman Stock

According to the New York Times, the Treasury's 'point man' on the AIG bailout, which resulted in billions of dollars for Goldman, also owned stock in Goldman.

Greenspan: Not My Fault

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan acknowledges that the Fed did little to rein in the systemic risks banks were taking, but also said that the Fed couldn't have prevented the recession even it had acted. Most forecasting models are broken, he said.

Your Bailout Update: $315 Billion in the Red

Another big investment in Fannie Mae pushes the taxpayers' bailout tab higher.

And The World’s Longest Trial Mod Is…

Some homeowners have waited nearly 10 months to learn whether their mortgage modifications will be permanent.

Chase and Other Servicers Leave Many in Loan Mod Limbo; Treasury Threatens Penalties

Mortgage services have been allowed to let trial modifications linger without penalties, but that will end soon.

TARP Watchdog Launches Audit of Bailout Contracts

The TARP inspector general is looking at whether Treasury has gotten its money's worth from financial companies and legal firms.

Logjam Continues for Loan Mods; Big Banks Fare Poorly, Data Show

New Treasury data show that 66,465 homeowners had received permanent loan modifications as of Dec. 31, a significant increase fr

Homeowners Say Banks Not Following Rules for Loan Modifications

Homeowners have presented more cases where their loan modifications were denied, or their trials extended, and the reasons they

With Bank Money Returning, Bailout Burden Shifts Toward Housing

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now account for about one-third of the outstanding bailout money, with more sure to come.

Loan Mod Program Delays Even Worse for Those Struggling Not to Fall Behind

The troubles of a Florida homeowner show how the loan modification program isn’t working as it should for people who are struggl

Bailout Breakdown: Losses Likely to Be Larger Than Treasury Estimates

Yes, TARP will cost less than originally envisioned. But how much less is still unknown.

Gov’t Agency Helps Risky Lenders Keep Lending

A report says that Ginnie Mae, little noticed during the financial crisis, has helped reckless mortgage companies.

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