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Oregon, Florida Banks Fail Friday

Bailout: $10.7 Billion More to Fannie Mae

Lawsuits Claiming Abuse Mount for Gov’t Mortgage Partners

Many loan servicers in the Making Home Affordable program have records of unfair business practices, a report says.

GMAC Loses Billions, May Seek More Federal Aid

Check Out Failed Banks List

Treasury Launches Shame Offensive Against Mortgage Servicers

The administration, trying to quicken the pace of loan modifications, releases information that shows which servicers are laggin

The Fannie and Freddie Black Hole

Do Loan Servicers Profit From Not Modifying?

Because of late fees, delinquent borrowers are good for the loan servicers, a report suggests.

Some Banks in Govt’s ‘Healthy Bank’ Bailout Are Struggling

At least 18 banks that got money from taxpayers have stopped paying dividends to the government.

At Meeting, Servicers Agree to Boost Mortgage Mods

The Treasury Department and loan servicers set a goal of 500,000 modifications by November.

Why Isn’t the Gov’t Mortgage Program Working?

Some believe that loan servicers are overwhelmed by the modification effort, but others think they are just not interested.

Report: FDIC Bailout Will Save Banks $24 Billion

A smaller bailout program helps banks make their debt affordable.

Fed Unveils New Rules on Mortgage Lending

Wall Street on Pace to Pay Far Above 2008 Levels

Bailout: $92 Million Goes to Six Banks

Bailed-Out Companies Spend Millions to Lobby Congress

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