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U.S. Insurance Firm Neglects Survivors of Iraqi Translators, May Face Criminal Charges

Chicago-based CNA Financial Corp. faces possible investigation after failing to pay death benefits to survivors of Iraqi translators working to help the U.S. mission in Iraq.

The Other Victims of Battlefield Stress; Defense Contractors’ Mental Health Neglected

Defense contractors in the field suffer war trauma just as soldiers do—but don’t have the insurance safety net veterans enjoy.

Labor Dept., Congress Plan Improvements to System to Care for Injured War Contractors

Officials are making changes to track the performance of insurers and to speed up the handling of their disputes with injured contractors.

Civilian Contractor Toll in Iraq and Afghanistan Ignored by Defense Dept.

More than 1,600 civilian workers have died in the war zones, but the Pentagon isn't tracking the casualties.

Pentagon Study Proposes Overhaul of Defense Base Act to Cover Care for Injured Contractors

Congress could save as much as $250 million a year through a sweeping overhaul of the controversial U.S. system to care for civilian contractors injured in war zones, according to a new Pentagon study.

Congressman Announces Plan to Reform U.S. System to Care for Injured Civilian Contractors

Rep. Elijah Cummings said he hoped his proposal would reduce the $300 million a year paid by defense contractors to insurance companies.

Company That Probes War Contractor Injuries for AIG Is Itself Under Scrutiny

The Labor Department is looking into whether a Maltese company misrepresented its employees as agents of the U.S. government.

Report Finds Advantages in Gov’t Takeover of Care for Injured Contractors

Citing high insurance premiums paid by the Pentagon, the Congressional Research Service suggests cutting out the middleman.

News Analysis: Broad Agreement That Workers’ Comp Program for War-Zone Workers Needs Fixing

Lawmakers, Obama administration officials, private insurance companies and contractors found common ground in acknowledging there are serious flaws in the government's system for taking care of civilian workers injured or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In One Filipino Town, Workers Injured in Iraq Depend on the Kindness of AIG

Three men from the Filipino town of Lutopan served as part of the invisible army that daily cares for and feeds U.S. soldiers in Iraq. But when one died and the other two were injured, their treatment was far from uniform.

AIG Faces Hearing on Denial of Medical Claims by Contractors Injured in Iraq and Afghanistan

A House subcommittee is examining the system that insures civilians who work in war zones.

Pentagon’s IG to Examine AIG Insurance Provided to Private Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan

The Defense Department is considering an audit into unpaid medical benefits, after an investigation by LA Times, ABC News and ProPublica led to calls for action from Congress.

The Defense Base Act System: A Patchwork Program

In theory, Defense Base Act insurance is one of the most generous workers' compensation policies in the United States. In reality, the Defense Base Act has not lived up to the demands of modern warfare.

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