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Troubles Plague Top Job at Pentagon Office Overseeing Brain Injuries

The director of the Pentagon's program to oversee the treatment of troops with brain injuries has been transferred while under investigation for alleged sexual harassment.

Pentagon Spokesman Wrong on Purple Heart

An error, though soon corrected, shows confusion about medals for soldiers with brain trauma.

Leader of Military’s Program to Treat Brain Injuries Steps Down Abruptly

After criticism of her program's work, an Army general resigns as the director of a center that focuses on troops' brain injuries.

Investigations You Need to Read: Thursday

$6 Billion Later, Afghan Cops Aren’t Ready to Serve

America has spent more than $6 billion to create an effective Afghan police force, but the program has been a disaster. Many are undisciplined, can't shoot straight, sell their ammunition to the Taliban and aren't trusted by the people they are supposed to protect.

Coburn Questions Stimulus Contracts to Suspended Contractors

An Oklahoma senator says companies that are under investigation should not keep getting stimulus money.

Labor Dept., Congress Plan Improvements to System to Care for Injured War Contractors

Officials are making changes to track the performance of insurers and to speed up the handling of their disputes with injured contractors.

Some Stimulus Proposals Didn’t Make the Cut

The vice president reports swimming pools and other luxuries among the projects rejected as being stimulus-worthy.

Civilian Contractor Toll in Iraq and Afghanistan Ignored by Defense Dept.

More than 1,600 civilian workers have died in the war zones, but the Pentagon isn't tracking the casualties.

Pentagon Study Proposes Overhaul of Defense Base Act to Cover Care for Injured Contractors

Congress could save as much as $250 million a year through a sweeping overhaul of the controversial U.S. system to care for civilian contractors injured in war zones, according to a new Pentagon study.

Report Finds Advantages in Gov’t Takeover of Care for Injured Contractors

Citing high insurance premiums paid by the Pentagon, the Congressional Research Service suggests cutting out the middleman.

Pentagon Junkets and Stimulus Pet Projects

Pentagon’s IG to Examine AIG Insurance Provided to Private Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan

The Defense Department is considering an audit into unpaid medical benefits, after an investigation by LA Times, ABC News and ProPublica led to calls for action from Congress.

Quick Picks: PTSD and Muni Bonds

GAO Says Gov’t Accounting Still FUBAR

McCain Bundler’s Donors Raise Eyebrows

Big FOIA Backlog Lingers

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