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Colombian Paramilitaries Extradited to U.S., Where Cases Are Sealed

Colombian paramilitary leaders extradited to the U.S. vanish into the federal court system, angering those who hoped to learn what happened to loved ones.

Feds Sue Arizona Sheriff in Civil Rights Investigation

The Maricopa County, Ariz., sheriff is being sued by the feds, who say he isn’t cooperating with an investigation into whether he discriminates against Hispanics.

Psychiatric Solutions’ Executive Pay Probed by Justice Department

The Justice Department is investigating executive compensation at Psychiatric Solutions Inc., the inpatient mental health care company that has been the subject of several articles by ProPublica.

Big Changes at New Orleans Police Department

Top Washington Lawyer, Holder Friend to Be Next Deputy Attorney General

James Cole, who served in the Clinton administration, will be nominated for the No. 2 spot in the Justice Department.

Add-on to Health Care Bill Gives Feds More Power to Investigate Jail Conditions

Publicly run prisons, mental health facilities and nursing homes will now be compelled to open their doors and records for inspection.

Report: Fixing FBI’s Computer System Will Cost More, Take Longer

The Inspector General said the FBI's overhaul of its archaic computer system would take at least nine months and $26 million more than planned.

Why Many Guantanamo Detainees Ordered Released Are Still Stuck There

The government has been slow to resolve even the easier cases involving Guantanamo prisoners.

Inspector General Points Out Flaws in ATF Gunrunning Program

An effort to stop the weapons trade on the Mexican border could benefit from more Spanish speakers and better choices on bureau locations, a new report says.

DOJ Says It’s Pushing Agencies on Openness

Federal agencies must now report on their efforts to improve transparency and to reduce their backlog of Freedom of Information requests.

EPA Attorneys Criticize Obama Nominee

A lawyer who has been defending GE in pollution cases has been chosen to lead the Justice Department's environment division.

Do CIA Cables Show Doctors Monitoring Torture?

Word of "medical updates" on a prisoner adds to concerns about doctors' roles in interrogations.

Talking With the Former FOIA Czar

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