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In HBO’s ‘Too Big to Fail,’ the Heroes Are Really Zeroes

Watch carefully, and you'll see how the three men who saved the world—Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, NY Fed's Timothy Geithner, and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson—get it wrong again and again and again.

Who’s on Treasury Sec. Geithner’s Calendar? Search for Yourself

A searchable, easy-to-browse look at the Treasury Secretary’s calendar during the height of financial reform.

Despite Praise From Banks, Treasury, In-House Loan Mods Provide Less Help to Homeowners

Banks’ own modifications typically reduce monthly payments by half as much as those made in the government program, making homeowners twice as likely to fall behind again after a modification.

Mod Program Falling Short of Govt’s Vague Goals

The government's mortgage modification is on pace to fall short of even the administration's vague goals, while details on why homeowners are being disqualified from the program raise questions.

Loan Mod Profiles: Fed Up, Giving Up

A Baltimore homeowner tells why he walked away from his home rather than continue to deal with the loan modification program.

For Gov’t Mortgage Mod Program, New Numbers Show Old Problems

Homeowners still have long, costly waits in the federal foreclosure-prevention program.

Loan Mod Profiles: Delayed Then Denied, Often Mistakenly

Homeowners rejected for mortgage modifications tell of errors by their loan servicers.

Homeowner Questionnaire Shows Banks Violating Gov’t Program Rules

Mortgage servicers regularly break the government's loan modification rules, homeowners report to ProPublica.

Treasury’s ‘Point Man’ on AIG Bailout That Benefited Goldman, Owned Goldman Stock

According to the New York Times, the Treasury's 'point man' on the AIG bailout, which resulted in billions of dollars for Goldman, also owned stock in Goldman.

Loan Mod Logjam Continues for 265,000 Homeowners; Failures Jump

Many who have started in the government's mortgage modification program have been in trials longer than six months.

Only $242 Million Spent So Far on Gov’t $75B Mortgage Mod Program

The U.S. has spent only $242 million of its pledged $75 billion for foreclosure prevention.

Stimulus Spending Hits $272 Billion—34 Percent of Total

The recovery totals climb, even with outdated numbers on tax cuts.

Chase Denied Loan Mods for Now Forbidden Reason—Homeowners in Limbo

Chase Home Finance has rejected some mortgage modifications because it considered the owners' hardships to be temporary.

GM Announces It Will Pay Back Gov’t Loan … With Gov’t Money

General Motors has some of its bailout money set aside to repay debt to the U.S. and Canadian governments.

Freddie Mac, Given Oversight of Mortgage Mod Program, Falls Down on Job

The Treasury and consumer advocates are complaining about Freddie Mac's performance in auditing loan servicers.

Watchdog Report Throws Cold Water on Treasury Loan Mod Celebration

Half a million homeowners have begun trial mortgage modifications, but that doesn't mean they have all dodged foreclosure.

Treasury and NASA Loosen Their Purse Strings

Stimulus spending takes a $4.5 billion step forward, including a splurge by the Treasury Department.

Adding Up the Financial Rescue: Fall Edition

The cost of the government's bailouts depends on who is doing the counting.

How Are Those Loan Mods Coming? Sept. Edition

About 360,000 borrowers have begun the trial period of the mortgage modification program.

While Debt Mounts, Couple Chases BofA Loan Mod

The government has criticized some mortgage servicers for moving too slowly on the Making Home Affordable program. A California

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