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New York’s Gas Rush Poses Environmental Threat

State regulators are struggling to keep up with complicated efforts to extract natural gas.

Exxon Ad Makes Gas Drilling Seem Simpler—and Safer—Than It Really Is

Exxon's full-page ad illustrates how well pipes are protected with casings of steel and cement. But the picture's not as pretty as the company paints it.

Pennsylvania’s Drilling Wastewater Released to Streams, Some Unaccounted For

As gas-drilling operations proliferated in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale over the past couple of years, most of the hundreds of millions of gallons of briny wastewater they produced was eventually dumped into the state’s rivers. Much of the rest is unaccounted for.

Regulation and Disclosure of Fracking at the Center of Gas Drilling Debate

The use of a mix of water and chemicals, known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has generated controversy and a series of studies, orders and regulations in 2010 from the federal government and a number of states on the topic of gas drilling.

Residents Divided About PA’s Agreement With Gas Drilling Company Over Water Contamination

Residents of Dimock, Pa., are surprised -- and in some cases upset -- by a settlement that state environmental regulators reached last week with Cabot Oil & Gas, which the Department of Environmental Protection says contaminated local water from its gas drilling operations.

Some Appointees to Oil and Gas Commission Are Industry Execs, Lobbyists

Industry executives and lobbyists hold positions on an interstate oil and gas commission that espouses the safety of hydraulic fracturing.

Interview: Former NY Environmental Commissioner Pete Grannis on Gas Drilling

Recently ousted New York environmental commissioner Pete Grannis talks to ProPublica about hydraulic fracturing, his time as a regulator and the future of natural gas drilling in America.

Pa. Environmental Agency Butts Heads With Gas Drilling Company Over Town’s Water Woes

Environmental regulators in Pennsylvania say they’ll likely end up in court with a gas drilling company they say has contaminated the drinking water supply for families living in Dimock, Pa.

Feds Warn Residents Near Wyoming Gas Drilling Sites Not to Drink Their Water

The federal government is warning residents in a small Wyoming town with extensive natural gas development not to drink their water.

What You Need to Know About Hydrofracking

PBS "Need to Know" Focuses on hydraulic fracturing.

Obama Admin: No More Regulatory Shortcuts for Deepwater Drilling Projects

The Interior Department says deepwater drilling projects won’t skip environmental reviews anymore.

Why Gas Leaks Matter in the Hydraulic Fracturing Debate

Why methane contamination is a bellwether issue in discussion of the safety of hydraulic fracturing.

Drilling Accountability Bill Would Regulate Fracturing Too

A Senate bill to crack down on oil drillers includes a measure to protect groundwater from natural gas drilling.

Information From Gas-Drilling Companies Isn’t Coming Easily, Congressmen Say

A congressional committee has been trying -- without success -- to get some answers from gas companies involved in hydraulic fracturing.

Latest Gulf Oil Spill FAQ: The Government’s Power to Punish BP, and More…

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill has been followed by huge amounts of reporting. Here's our attempt to distill the information, with questions and answers about the scope of the spill, how the government and BP are handling the situation, and more.

New York Puts Brakes on Drilling in NYC Watershed, Clears Way for Upstate Wells by Next Spring

New York State officials have all but banned hydrofracking in New York City's watershed.

Louisiana Well Blowout Forces Hundreds From Homes

Trouble at a natural gas well contaminates an aquifer near Shreveport, and nearby residents are evacuated.

Broad Scope of EPA’s Fracturing Study Raises Ire of Gas Industry

A new EPA study of hydraulic fracturing is expected to provide a broad look at the natural gas drilling process, including injection spills, leaks and water contamination incidents.

EPA Launches National Study of Hydraulic Fracturing

The U.S. EPA plans a nationwide study to see if reported water contamination in gas drilling areas is caused by the practice of injecting chemicals and water underground to fracture the gas-bearing rock.

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