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Internal Doc Reveals GMAC Filed False Document in Bid to Foreclose

An internal document obtained by ProPublica shows that when one of the nation's largest mortgage servicers sought to foreclose on a homeowner last year and lacked a crucial document, they just made one up.

Profiles: Shoddy Bank Practices Continue Even After Mortgage Mods

Many homeowners have received a mortgage modification only to find themselves once again at risk of foreclosure because of errors by their mortgage company. ProPublica investigated six of these cases.

Lawsuit Reveals How a Middleman Is Blocking Mortgage Modifications for Homeowners

The suit is a window into a broken system where even though the actual investors, when asked, say they want to allow mortgage modifications, the bank that acts as their representative has refused to allow them.

Where Things Stand: Foreclosure Paperwork Scandal

In a scandal that's ballooned in scope since the initial discovery of robo-signers, we review the status of investigations into foreclosure fraud, how courts are handling the mess and what solutions are on the horizon.

False Attorney Signatures Cast New Doubts on Foreclosures

False attorney signatures on foreclosure documents could place thousands of court cases in doubt.

New York State Foreclosure Mediation Shows Glimmers of Hope in Helping Homeowners

New York is requiring banks to sit down with homeowners before foreclosing. And it’s slowly starting to pay off.

Despite Warnings From States, Federal Regulators Failed to Act on Foreclosure Problems

The federal government, warned years prior of potential problems with banks' foreclosure operations, failed to act, according to The Washington Post. Now, they're leaving it to the states fix the mess.

Despite Praise From Banks, Treasury, In-House Loan Mods Provide Less Help to Homeowners

Banks’ own modifications typically reduce monthly payments by half as much as those made in the government program, making homeowners twice as likely to fall behind again after a modification.

The Government’s Incredible Shrinking Mortgage Mod Program

The U.S. government's effort to help struggling homeowners from defaulting on their mortgages is approaching a standstill, and the number of homeowners in ongoing mortgage modifications could start shrinking.

Amid Foreclosure Questions, Govt Loan Mod Program Continues Struggles

New numbers show the administration’s mortgage modification program (HAMP) continues to struggle, while government officials say the banks’ flawed foreclosure practices should draw even more attention to their poor record in the handling of homeowners seeking modifications.

Biggest Banks Ensnared as Foreclosure Paperwork Problem Broadens

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and others have joined GMAC and JPMorgan under the microscope as bank regulators order major servicers to review their foreclosure procedures for robo-signing and flawed documents.

The Bailout Yearbook: The Stars and the Slackers

A half-trillion dollars later, the TARP bailout has produced moneymakers, slow payers and underachievers.

Mod Program Falling Short of Govt’s Vague Goals

The government's mortgage modification is on pace to fall short of even the administration's vague goals, while details on why homeowners are being disqualified from the program raise questions.

Homeowner Tips for Getting Loan Modifications

Homeowners dealing with the load modification process offer some tips to make sure others can succeed.  

Loan Mod Profiles: For Some, a Modification

Permanent loan modifications can save homeowners from foreclosure, but for some, the help does not go far enough.

Loan Mod Profiles: In Trial Limbo

Extended trial periods delay answers and cause problems for homeowners looking for mortgage modifications.

Profiled Homeowner Gets a Mortgage Modification

Wells Fargo has finally given a loan modification to a long-frustrated homeowner who had feared foreclosure.

Loan Mod Profiles: Fed Up, Giving Up

A Baltimore homeowner tells why he walked away from his home rather than continue to deal with the loan modification program.

For Gov’t Mortgage Mod Program, New Numbers Show Old Problems

Homeowners still have long, costly waits in the federal foreclosure-prevention program.

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