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U.S. Insurance Firm Neglects Survivors of Iraqi Translators, May Face Criminal Charges

Chicago-based CNA Financial Corp. faces possible investigation after failing to pay death benefits to survivors of Iraqi translators working to help the U.S. mission in Iraq.

U.S. Stays Mum as Iraqi Security Forces Kill, Detain and Abuse Protesters

As Iraqi government forces cracked down protesters, the U.S. government focused its criticism on abuses elsewhere.

Q&A: Leaked War Logs Raise Questions of Accountability for Military Contractors

An expert on private military contractors weighs in on WikiLeaks’ Iraq war logs, State Department secrecy and more.

Rep. Teague Pledges Deeper Inquiry Into Treatment for Brain-Injured Soldiers

Rep. Harry Teague promises to dramatically expand an inquiry into the treatment of soldiers who have suffered mild traumatic brain injuries.

Pentagon Issues New Policy for Diagnosing and Treating Brain Injuries

The new rules require rest periods and enhanced tracking for soldiers exposed to blasts.

Leader of Military’s Program to Treat Brain Injuries Steps Down Abruptly

After criticism of her program's work, an Army general resigns as the director of a center that focuses on troops' brain injuries.

Top Officer Says Military Takes Brain Injuries ‘Extremely Seriously’

The Army's vice chief of staff says it takes the treatment of soldiers with mild traumatic brain injuries "very seriously."

T. Christian Miller Interview: The People Behind the Numbers

ProPublica reporter T. Christian Miller talks about building his award-winning report "Disposable Army."

Video of Journalists’ Death Answers Some Questions, but Raises Others

A video released by WikiLeaks shows two Reuters journalists being killed by U.S. forces in Baghdad -- answering some questions but raising others.

War Contractors Receive Defense of Freedom Medal for Injuries, But Attract Little Notice

Many civilian workers have been injured and killed in the war zones, but some say their contributions go overlooked.

Chart: Iraqi Translators, a Casualty List

Foreign Interpreters Hurt in Battle Find U.S. Insurance Benefits Wanting

Translators injured helping rebuild Iraq sometimes find the medical benefits they were promised are not forthcoming.

For AIG’s Man in Jordan, War Becomes a Business Opportunity

Emad Hatabah coordinated the care for hundreds of Iraqis working for U.S. troops, a role that benefited his own medical network.

Blinded From a Sniper Bullet and Shortchanged by the System

An Iraqi who was injured while helping in the U.S. war effort says AIG's settlement treated him unfairly.

Honoring Veterans of the Disposable Army

A reporter argues that civilian contractors injured or killed while working in Iraq or Afghanistan should also be remembered on Veterans Day.

Civilian Contractor Toll in Iraq and Afghanistan Ignored by Defense Dept.

More than 1,600 civilian workers have died in the war zones, but the Pentagon isn't tracking the casualties.

Contractors in Iraq Are Hidden Casualties of War

Reggie Lane, a struggling truck driver, hired on for a good salary with a defense contractor, but a rocket-propelled grenade shattered his life.

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