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Did the White House Meet its Stimulus Goal?

The White House says it met its goal of spending 70 percent of the $787 billion stimulus package, but final numbers aren't in and five agencies have spent less than a quarter of their funds.

Obama Administration Criticizes Slow Payments by Gulf Spill Claims Czar

The pace of BP claims payments is called unacceptably slow, and the official in charge promises new procedures to speed up the program.

Marcus Stern Discusses the Obama Administration’s Immigration Policies

ProPublica's Marcus Stern discusses the Obama administration's shift in focus from returning all undocumented immigrants to deporting "the the worst of the worst."

Stimulus Spending Likely to Make Administration’s Goal

The government is on pace to have 70 percent of stimulus money spent by the end of September.

Federal Agencies Bolster Transparency Plans

After first failing to follow an open-government directive from the White House, some agencies make improvements.

Under Cheney’s Influence, Wyoming’s Oil Ties Flooded MMS

A report details the cozy connections between the energy industry and political figures in Wyoming.

As Gitmo Detainees’ Legal Victories Mount, Obama Administration Resists Orders to Release

Despite court rulings that many Guantanamo prisoners are being held unlawfully, the government says it is not obligated to free them.

Anniversary of Stimulus Met with Praise and Scorn

The anniversary of the stimulus brings the government’s claims that it's working, with 2 million jobs created or saved, and brings praise from some corners. Some critics -- and Republicans, of course -- beg to differ.

Explaining Obama’s Proposed ‘Budget Freeze’

The spending freeze announced by President Obama will affect only about one-eighth of the federal budget.

White House Changes Stimulus Jobs Count

The White House has revised how it's going to count stimulus jobs, jettisoning a cumulative tally and expanding the definition of what counts as a "job."

USAID Asks for Help Training Pakistani NGOs Set to Receive U.S. Money

The agency in charge of distributing millions in civilian aid to Pakistan has asked for help training the local organizations that will spend it, saying they "do not meet the minimum standards for managing" U.S. government funds.

The Clock Ticks Slowest at Gitmo: Why It’s Taking so Long to Close the Prison

Nearly a year after taking office, the Obama administration isn’t as close to closing the prison at Guantanamo as it had hoped it would be by now.

Say What? White House Errs on Guantanamo Facts

Gibbs said more detainees have been transferred in the last eight months than in the previous eight years. But he's wrong.

White House Gives Agencies Transparency To-Do List

A new directive lays out quick deadlines for federal officials to start making government information more open to the public.

Obama Backtracking on Transparency Promise?

Millions of old intelligence documents may not be declassified this year as scheduled.

When News Falls in the Forest

Calling attention to important stories isn't always easy, as evidenced by the case of the Guantanamo prisoner trials.

With Few Strong Cases, Government Rushes Toward Plea Deals for Guantanamo Detainees

While the Pentagon and the Justice Department wrangle over control of the cases, prosecutors move ahead to negotiate with prisoners.

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