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White House Is Drafting Executive Order to Allow Indefinite Detention; Move Would Bypass Congress

The administration wants to move quickly to establish a new detention system so that it can close the Guantanamo prison by January.

Review of Gitmo Detainees Has Been Slow and Complex

The work of a task force evaluating the prisoners has been complicated by legal constraints, turf battles and a mountain of documents.

Admin Considers Fix to Mortgage Program

The administration may need to tweak its foreclosure-prevention plan to address rising unemployment.

Obama Boosts In-Home Services for the Disabled

Banks Target Proposed Consumer Protection Agency

The administration introduces its new financial regulatory system, and the banking industry doesn't like it.

Torture Tales and Obama Hogging the Log

Is Stimulus Spending Fast or Slow?

Pentagon Junkets and Stimulus Pet Projects

Administration Reiterates Need for Speed

The Obama administration promises to speed up stimulus spending.

Dodd: More Info about Loan Mods, Please

Obama Admin Tests Waters for Regulatory Overhaul

Big changes may be coming for the lineup of federal agencies that oversee banks.

More Obama Nominee Ethics Agreements

The White House Is Open to Your Suggestions on Openness

The Obama administration solicits ideas for making government more transparent.

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