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Data Show Stimulus Isn’t Reaching the Nation’s Neediest Counties and States

Several analyses of our stimulus data show that on both the county and state levels, stimulus money isn't reaching the communities that need it most.

Stimulus Spending Likely to Make Administration’s Goal

The government is on pace to have 70 percent of stimulus money spent by the end of September.

Inspectors Fault Beryllium Safety at Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Weaknesses in a program to protect workers from beryllium exposure in cleaning up the Hanford nuclear site may have exposed them to the metal anyway, an Energy report says.

Stimulus Spending Update: $329 Billion Out the Door

More than 41 percent of the stimulus package has entered the economy.

Stimulus Spending Update: $324 Billion of Recovery Act Funds Spent

META: About 40 percent of the nearly $800 billion in stimulus funds has been spent, according to

$321 Billion in Stimulus Funding is Out the Door

Anniversary of Stimulus Met with Praise and Scorn

The anniversary of the stimulus brings the government’s claims that it's working, with 2 million jobs created or saved, and brings praise from some corners. Some critics -- and Republicans, of course -- beg to differ.

Michael Grabell Discusses the Stimulus

A Stimulus Birthday Present: Our Spending Speed Chart

A look at the bottlenecks in getting recovery money flowing into the economy.

White House Changes Stimulus Jobs Count

The White House has revised how it's going to count stimulus jobs, jettisoning a cumulative tally and expanding the definition of what counts as a "job."

In Colorado, the Haves Get a Little Bit More

Wealthier counties, with projects ready to go, find more stimulus money coming their way.

Thanks for the Tax Credit, But Where Are the Customers?

Some businesses say that a proposed tax credit isn't a big incentive to hire more workers.

More Picking at Those Stimulus Job Numbers

Criticism of the Jobs Summit, Even Before It Starts

Many people have ideas about creating jobs, but they don't all have a seat at the table.

A Smackdown Over the CBO’s Stim Report

There remains sharp disagreement about the stimulus's effects on job creation.

A Stimulus Pool for Small Businesses Runs Dry

Despite an incentive program to help banks, the number of loans backed by the Small Business Administration has fallen sharply.

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