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Did the White House Meet its Stimulus Goal?

The White House says it met its goal of spending 70 percent of the $787 billion stimulus package, but final numbers aren't in and five agencies have spent less than a quarter of their funds.

Stimulus Spending Likely to Make Administration’s Goal

The government is on pace to have 70 percent of stimulus money spent by the end of September.

Revised Tax-Cut Figure Pushes Stimulus Spending Higher

Some $378 billion of the roughly $800 billion stimulus package has now moved into the economy.

Stimulus Spending Update: $329 Billion Out the Door

More than 41 percent of the stimulus package has entered the economy.

Get Help Making Sense of Stimulus Data

ProPublica is part of a team offering online Webinars to help people gather local stimulus information.

Stimulus Spending Update: Nearly 41% of Funds Out the Door

Roughly $327 billion of the nearly $800 billion stimulus package has now been spent.

Stimulus Spending Update: $324 Billion of Recovery Act Funds Spent

META: About 40 percent of the nearly $800 billion in stimulus funds has been spent, according to

The Stimulus ‘Loser’ List Loses Some Members

Some companies were wrongly accused of failing to file reports on their stimulus awards.

$321 Billion in Stimulus Funding is Out the Door

Congress Does Repair Job on Stimulus School Construction Plan

President Obama has signed a bill providing federal subsidies directly to school districts for construction, rather than relying on lenders to offer lower interest rates because of prospective tax credits.

Stimulus Spending Cracks 40 Percent

Some $317 billion of the nearly $800 billion Recovery Act package is out the door.

Federal Agencies: Stimulus Priorities Come At Expense of Non-Stimulus Work

An inspector general's report says the emphasis on the Recovery Act is hurting the other work of many agencies.

Senate Acknowledges Need for More Accountability on Stimulus

The Senate amended its jobs bill with more accountability for tracking and reporting stimulus spending, following flaws we reported.

Get Your State’s Recovery Data From ProPublica

Stimulus Spending Now at $314 Billion

Gov’t Wrongly Labels Some Stimulus Recipients ‘Losers’

The government has listed as "two-time losers" stimulus recipients who didn't file reports. But some of the listed "losers" did file the reports.

Jennifer LaFleur on Recovery Tracker 3.0

Nearly 40 Percent of Stimulus Paid Out

ProPublica Stimulus Interviews

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