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Mumbai: The Plot Unfolds, Lashkar Strikes and Investigators Scramble

Sajid Mir, a mysterious Lashkar chief with close ties to Pakistani security forces, deploys American David Coleman Headley to scout hotels and other targets in Mumbai where foreigners are likely to be found.

Newly Discovered Warnings About Headley Reveal a Troubling Timeline in Mumbai Case

Federal inquiry suggests flawed information-sharing and an overwhelming flow of intelligence kept U.S. investigators from identifying the threat posed by an American terrorist.

Gitmo Challenges Could Endanger Half of Convictions

Two legal challenges to the Guantanamo military commissions system could undo half the convictions won so far.

Times Square Bombing Investigation Focuses on Suspected Role of Pakistani Army Major

U.S. investigators are looking into whether a major in Pakistan’s army knew of the plans to attack U.S. targets months before the Times Square bombing attempt.

Pakistani Taliban Link to Times Square Bombing Attempt Would Have Troubling Implications

If the failed Times Square bombing is linked to the Pakistani Taliban, it could mean a widening of what had been a local insurgency.

U.S. Terror Targets Unprotected, According to Former CIA Official

A former CIA counterterrorism operative says little has been done to make America safer since Sept. 11.

Investigations You Need to Read: Monday

Why Obama’s Plans for N.Y. Terror Trials Unraveled

For anyone wondering how one of President Obama’s signature pledges seemed to unravel between Monday and Friday, here’s a look at the week that was.

Series of Blunders Followed Christmas Bomb Attempt

Passengers, baggage and the jet itself were all mishandled in Detroit after the botched terrorist attack.

Judges Urge Congress to Act on Indefinite Terrorism Detentions

In an unusual move, three federal judges hearing Gitmo challenges say lawmakers need to provide them with guidelines on how long terrorism suspects can be detained without charges.

Chart: Tracking Gitmo Detainees’ Days in Court

A look at the the judges' latest rulings on Guantanamo prisoners' challenges of their detention.

More at Stake in Gitmo Court Orders Than Detainees’ Fates

Fundamental questions about habeas corpus rights underlie the legal tug-of-war over the release of some prisoners.

Big Stimulus is Watching You

Obama’s Actual Words on Indefinite Detention

A transcript of the president's answers on whether to handle terrorism suspects by executive order.

List of Likely CIA Prisoners Who Are Still Missing

Most of those captured and held in secret prisons have not been identified by the government, but human rights groups have tried to track them.

Pentagon Keeps Mum on Who’s at Bagram

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