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In Financial Regulation Bill, Increased Transparency for Loan Mod Program

The formula for testing homeowners’ eligibility for a mortgage modification will not be a secret anymore.

Federal Agencies Bolster Transparency Plans

After first failing to follow an open-government directive from the White House, some agencies make improvements.

While BP’s Oil Gushes, Company Keeps Information to a Trickle

BP has been tightly restricting public access to information about the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Are Federal Agencies Open? Audit Gives Mixed Grades

Agencies that should be leading the charge on transparency are among the weakest, an audit of open government plans says.

CIA Creates Transparency Page That Doesn’t Reveal Much

Following a White House directive, the Central Intelligence Agency finally posts an open government Web page.

Update: Secrecy of House Ethics Investigations Keeps Reporters Scrambling for Truth

The question of whether to investigate recently resigned Democratic Rep. Eric Massa got curiouser and curiouser, as Republicans proposed to investigate the would-be investigators and the question of whether the Massa investigation itself was dead or alive got murkier.

Many Gov’t Agencies Still Missing Required Transparency Sites

A White House directive to create open government Web sites does not apply to all agencies, the OMB says.

TARP Watchdog Launches Audit of Bailout Contracts

The TARP inspector general is looking at whether Treasury has gotten its money's worth from financial companies and legal firms.

Agencies Open to the Public – Some Not So Much

A few federal agencies appear to have missed the White House's deadline for creating open-government Web pages.

White House Gives Agencies Transparency To-Do List

A new directive lays out quick deadlines for federal officials to start making government information more open to the public.

Transparency, Tempered

Obama Backtracking on Transparency Promise?

Millions of old intelligence documents may not be declassified this year as scheduled.

The Stimulus Reports Are In…But Are They Accurate?

Trying to make sense of some bargain-basement job-creation figures.

In Factory Towns, Waiting for the Stimulus to Arrive

In a town where even the mayor draws unemployment, the benefits of the stimulus are hard to see.

Would a Stimulus by Any Other Name Smell More Sweet?

The White House is looking at more payouts to stimulate the economy, but without the stimulus label. Releases First Batch of Stimulus Reports

Data from nearly 9,000 stimulus contracts show that more than 30,000 jobs have been created or saved.

Obama Administration Denies Appeal for Information on Contract with Smartronix

Many details of an $18 million deal for revamping the stimulus Web site will remain hidden by the government.

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