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Obama’s Mystery Man for Derivatives

The Obama Administration has nominated a Treasury lawyer to take over the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. But no one knows what his views on regulation are.

The One Mortgage Fix Washington Isn’t Talking About

The Washington consensus about how to fix the mortgage market looks a lot like Obamacare: A complicated Rube Goldberg device. Why isn’t anyone talking about something simpler?

Don’t Worry, Jamie, Lloyd’s Shown the Way

As Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has shown, an executive can preside over the reputational collapse of his firm and still come out golden.

Panic, Please.

Market participants are complacent about the debt ceiling because they don't understand Washington anymore.

SEC Wins Big Fine From JPMorgan but Execs Skate Free

The Securities and Exchange Commission won praise for its supposedly tough London Whale settlement with JPMorgan. But the big winners so far are the bank execs.

A Double Espresso of Questions for Green Mountain

 Wall Street may think that Green Mountain has put its troubles behind it. But on its first-ever investor day, questions about the company’s numbers persist.

The Bank-Friendly Eighth Governor of the Fed

Everyone's focused on who the next Federal Reserve chairman will be, but the permanent staff may be just as important.

Finally, Bank Regulators Have Had Enough

For first time since the financial crisis, the banks are losing some battles on tougher regulation.
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