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Gulf Oil Spill

BP Agrees to Plead Guilty to Crimes in Gulf Oil Spill


BP agreed to plead guilty today to charges of manslaughter, environmental crimes, and lying to Congress in connection with the 2010 Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion, which killed 11 workers and sent as much as 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

As part of a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice, the company will pay $4.5 billion in what is the largest fine ever levied on a corporation in the United States.

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Photo of the Day: Mired in Oil

BP’s Spill Plans Had Few Ways to Stop a Blowout

None of BP's documents and plans we've been able to find have details on how to deal with a blowout.

BP Refuses to Provide Oil Samples to Scientists Investigating Underwater Plumes

BP has refused to supply samples that would prove -- or disprove -- that underwater oil plumes are from the Deepwater Horizon site.

As Oil Plumes Are Confirmed, Scientist Calculating Flow Rate Blasts BP

The U.S. has confirmed the existence of giant underwater oil plumes emanating from the BP spill.

Read Documents Showing BP’s Pattern of Neglecting Its Own Safety Policies

The documents about BP's internal reports on safety problems are available for inspection.

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Years of Internal BP Probes Warned That Neglect Could Lead to Accidents

BP's own internal investigations warned that the company had created a culture of disregard for safety and environmental rules and risked a serious accident if it did not change its ways.

Gulf Judges’ Oil Ties May Present Conflicts of Interest

Finding a judge to hear federal cases against BP could be daunting because of conflicts of interest.

Four Reasons Why Measuring Flow in BP’s Spill Matters

Lower estimates of oil flow in the Deepwater Horizon disaster could benefit BP in many ways, including financial.

Photo of the Day: Oil Surf

Former Valdez Cleanup Worker Warns of Toxic Dangers in the Gulf

Workers who cleaned up the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989 reported many of the same health problems now being reported in the Gulf of Mexico.

Photo of the Day: Oil-Stained Turtles

BP, Prior to Gulf Accident, Said Measuring Oil Flow Was ‘Critical’ to Effective Response

Statements by BP on the importance of measuring the Gulf oil spill contradict the company's own documents.

Photo of the Day: Oil Hits Alabama

Under Cheney’s Influence, Wyoming’s Oil Ties Flooded MMS

A report details the cozy connections between the energy industry and political figures in Wyoming.

Air Sampling Finds a Compound in Toxic Dispersant Is Also in the Air

Air samples taken near workers in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have indicated the presence of a toxic component used in the dispersant being spread by BP.

A Mystery: When Did Gov’t Exempt Gulf Drilling from Detailed Enviro Reviews?

It's unclear why the Minerals Management Service waived environmental studies for Gulf oil drilling.

Mixed Messages as the Oil Continues to Spew

BP, cleanup workers and the EPA squabble over health concerns in the Gulf.

Anonymous Tipline

If you work for BP or a contractor on a rig in the Gulf, or anywhere else, we’d like to hear from you. Tell us about your work conditions, your management, and your observations of what is happening. We will not publish your identity. Call 917-512-0254, fax documents to 212-514-5250 or e-mail

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